Not everything always goes to plan.

by LawFirmNetwork on May 7, 2013

Did I or didn’t I cut the grass I hear you ask?  Well I did, but not when I had expected or planned to do it. I had expected for Saturday morning to be the day to do it, but the weather took a different view on that. Not just a bit of rain, but torrential hail of significant size delayed my plans.

Fortunately, with it being a bank holiday weekend, I was granted the luxury of an extra day to get all of my tasks complete, so all was not lost; after all, I could get a job done inside instead.

Much can be said of business development. The objectives can often remain clear and there can be a rigid intent on how and when they will be met, but with so many third parties to influence the outcomes, things don’t always go as planned.

We should never give up on our objectives though, but adopt some flexibility to our planning. If we assume that our plans will always work we are likely to find that our working lives are full of disappointments rather than achievements. We should neither assume instant success, nor should we label something as a failure the moment it doesn’t meet or exceed expectation.

Changes in the legal services market are evident. Legal services providers clearly have to adapt to what they feel are the right strategies to take.  But never assume that the perceived market leaders are right, or that their plans are going the way that they expected, or for that matter, that they feel that the route that they have taken is as yet proven to be the right one.  Do however, assume that they have an objective; they will be resilient to outside influence and will ensure that those objectives are met. Many are looking to take a sizeable market share; none are expecting to win that share overnight.

So don’t miss out or give up on your objectives. As long as you have a plan, are willing to take steps to secure your companies future in business, then you should have as much good fortune as your competitors.  It is up to you to ultimately decide what success looks like.

I cut the grass on Monday afternoon as it happens and now that I am back at the office on Tuesday, it made little difference when I did it, but done it is.

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