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What All Businesses Need to Know about Security

by edralyn October 3, 2013 Business

What All Businesses Need to Know about Security You worked hard to grow your business, and now you’re overseeing a store or office full of employees. Securing your equipment, revenue, and information is probably first and foremost on your list of priorities. So how important is business security? According to the FBI, a burglary is […]

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Are You Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

by RyanD September 30, 2013 Business

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance carried by employers. This type of insurance serves to protect both the employee from financial loss due to injury and the employer from negligence lawsuits. Workers’ compensation pays a wage for missed work because of a work-related injury and also covers medical expenses incurred as a result of […]

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How to create employee handbook in line with UK Employment Law?

by Paul Whitaker September 26, 2013 Business Law

When a new employee starts in a business, one of the first items they should be provided with is the Company Handbook. Not only is this a legally required document, but it also promotes the business in a positive light and helps to build the employer / employee relationship. What are the benefits of a […]

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Retail sector faces ‘even worse’ year for corporate insolvency

by MelissaDwyer September 7, 2013 Business Law

The pace of retail insolvencies in 2013 so far is on track to make the full year ‘even worse’ than 2012, according to figures from the Centre for Retail Research. In the eight months to the end of August, the centre’s ‘Who’s Gone Bust?’ report tracked 39 company failures in the retail sector, affecting 2,153 […]

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First-Time Buyers Beware – Navigating the Purchasing Pitfalls

by MelissaDwyer August 27, 2013 Business Law

Buying your first home is exciting but not without its difficulties. There are many important issues to think about, so consider these key points to successfully negotiate your house move. Budget Carefully In the last few years it has been extremely difficult to get a mortgage as banks have been reluctant to lend unless you […]

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Keeping Telemarketing Calls at Bay: Experienced FDCPA Attorney Explains

by Adam J Krohn August 12, 2013 Blawging

Most people have received annoying messages from telemarketers.  Sometimes they are automated messages.  Other times it is an actual person who just will not take “no” for an answer.  This is why the National Do Not Call Registry was created.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) created the registry 10 years ago as a response to […]

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Common Legal Issues with Off-Shoring Your Work

by RyanD August 2, 2013 Business

Companies regularly outsource different business processes, such as payroll, insurance claims, accounts payable/receivable, mortgage servicing and even tax return administration, to Foreign Service providers. This gives them the freedom to focus on other important areas of a project in which they have true expertise. Apart from the fact that there may be misuse of data […]

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Further Crackdowns on Abusive Debt Collectors: FTC Issues Fines and Steps up FDCPA Enforcement to Protect You

by Adam J Krohn July 31, 2013 Blawg

Consumers who are deep in debt have enough to worry about without being continuously harassed by debt collection companies.  According to federal data, there are around 30 million Americans that have debt that is under collection.  Some of the abusive debt collectors make harassing phone calls, sometimes even late at night.  They may also use […]

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Avoiding the Most Common Business Lawsuits

by edralyn July 23, 2013 Age Discrimination

These days, most small business owners understand the danger of lawsuits from the time their company is just an idea to the time it’s an office full of hundreds of employees. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, one out of every three small business is threatened or served with legal action every year. Two […]

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U.S. Consumer Bureau Plans to Crackdown on Abusive Debt Collectors

by Adam J Krohn July 18, 2013 Blawging

(First published at There are more than 4,500 collection firms in the United States.  While many debt collectors follow the rules laid out under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), there are others who do not because they did not fall under the FDCPA’s jurisdiction.  Debt collection complaints are common, with more complaints […]

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Metal Containing Jewelry Law: The Provisions and Effects

by Ladyblogger July 9, 2013 Business Law

Making jewelry may be a creative endeavor but now there is a legal side to consider before selling it online or in stores in the state of California. California’s Metal-Containing Jewelry Law limits the amount of lead levels in jewelry and mandates that jewelry sellers warn potential customers about jewelry components that contain lead. The […]

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Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Lawsuit?

by edralyn July 9, 2013 BigLaw

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Lawsuit? For a small business owner, there’s nothing quite as scary as coming to work in the morning and finding out you’re being sued. It’s hard to put a positive spin on a lawsuit, but don’t panic. This is actually very common. According to YFS Magazine, 57 percent […]

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Common Fire Code Violations by Businesses

by RyanD June 26, 2013 Business Law

When running a business there are so many details to cover that it’s easy to overlook some of the most basic elements, such as fire safety. Without even realizing it, many businesses violate aspects of the fire code which can be dangerous for the people in the business, or result in a fine if the […]

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TCPA Damages Ruled to be Remedial in Illinois

by Adam J Krohn June 20, 2013 Business Law

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) prohibits several telemarketing practices (such as sending spam faxes).  Under the TCPA there is a private right of action, along with the ability to seek $500 in damages for every violation (for every unsolicited fax) or the possibility of treble damages (when unsolicited faxes are sent willfully and knowingly).  […]

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Paddy Power Beats the Odds in Licence Appeal Case

by EdwardHandsandLewis June 20, 2013 Blawg

  By Sanveer Sandhu After being locked in a struggle with Newham Council, Paddy Power has won its appeal after the London council refused to allow it to open a betting shop in the area.   Paddy Power had originally been refused a licence application to open a new shop in Newham, which would have […]

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What Consumers Should Know About Credit Cards

by Adam J Krohn June 13, 2013 Banking

(US law and generally) Credit cards can be very useful if used correctly.  However, if they are not, they can get you into a world of trouble.  On average, an US household holds about $16,000 in credit card debt.  Due to the economy, more and more debt collectors have been retained by these credit card […]

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Do You Have Errors on Your Credit Report? How to Handle Them

by Adam J Krohn June 5, 2013 Banking

(US Law) A recent study that has been released by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has found that 26 percent of consumers have a material error on at least one of their three credit reports.  Of the consumers in the study, 5 percent that had an error, once it was corrected they were placed in […]

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Get Compensated to Continue the Treatment of the Side Effects of a Wrongful Cosmetic Surgery

by James Ware June 5, 2013 Business Law

In the UK, cosmetic surgery is mostly common among middle aged people. Amazing structure and an organic device is the human physical system. Starting from childhood to old age, in each phase there are different developments that continue happening in the body. In the middle age, while the cell growth and their reconstruction become slower, […]

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Recent Workers’ Compensation Reform in Oklahoma

by Trent May 30, 2013 Business Law

Oklahoma workers’ compensation laws have recently changed with new legislation signed by Gov. Mary Fallin on May 6. New legislation shifts the current court-based system to an administrative structure. Businesses and government officials hope the restructure will reduce costs for businesses. While Republicans in Oklahoma backed the legislation, Democrats were strongly opposed, arguing that possible […]

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Will the Energy Act 2011 affect you as a commercial landlord?

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 21, 2013 Blawg

By Eleanor Robinson The Energy Act 2011 will not come into force until 1 April 2018, but commercial landlords are advised to start planning now, or face great difficulties in the future. The Act will introduce a minimum acceptable energy level rating (currently suggested to be an E rating). Any building rated lower than this […]

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Maternity Leave is Over: Can You Take Your Infant to Your Job?

by annbailey May 9, 2013 Business

The law requires qualified employers to provide parents of newborn children with up to three months of leave to bring their new child into the world and make arrangements for its care. Unfortunately, one’s responsibility to care for one’s child does not have a twelve-week time limit. Bringing one’s child to work is an excellent […]

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Brand Heritage_ Asset, or Liability

by edralyn May 7, 2013 Business

  Product brands are tricky. People may spend millions of dollars or more to develop and promote brands in hopes of capturing the public’s attention. And, as a blog post on the Brandchannel website warns, it’s never safe to assume that a brand’s development has reached its final stages. On the contrary, the longer a […]

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Tips for Making Your Small Business Bankruptcy Proof

by Law Guru April 8, 2013 Business

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), small business bankruptcies increased from 19K in 2006 to 43K in 2008, before the economy crashed. Since small business employs more Americans than any other sector, ways to avoid financial trouble should be of paramount importance in today’s private sector. From general best practice, such as hiring a […]

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Fleet tracking laws for the future

by Cameron Tyler April 8, 2013 Business Law

The federal government recently adopted a new law that will require all commercial trucking companies to install electronic driver logs, also known as electronic onboard recording devices (EOBRs), in each vehicle to keep track of driver behaviors and travel time. These devices are already available on the market, and some companies in the industry have already purchased […]

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Protect Yourself When Allowing User Generated Content On Your Website

by Richard Chapo April 7, 2013 Business Law

The trend with websites these days is to maximize interaction with visitors. This interaction often takes the form of allowing users to upload text, photos, videos and other content. In taking this step, it is vital you understand legal issues surrounding user generated content and protect yourself. Copyright/DMCA It is the rare website owner who […]

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