How to avoid accidents at work this Christmas

by Carrs.Solicitors on December 21, 2011

It’s an end of the year and a beginnings of festive season Christmas, time to celebrate in the work place, put some decorations up and have party. At the same time, for some of us it means spending more time at work by working overtime to complete all the work or to save up. But with all this joyful celebration going on it’s very easy to relax and forget about the health and safety at work. This can be a cause of major hazards and can potentially lead to work-related accident for which the employer may be held liable if it’s not an employee’s fault.

Among all the dangers of celebrations at workplace is putting decorations up on the Christmas tree, which can be a main cause of many accidents such as ladder fall as well as that be careful not to spill food or drinks near electronic equipments as this can lead to slips, trips or even a fire hazard.

Another common cause of work accidents is around the time of a break when businesses are closing for Christmas holidays and all the equipments and machineries are moved to a secure premises or being shut down and due to snow or icy weather conditions it is important to take extra precautions e to avoid the risks of an accident.

Advice to avoid accidents at work

Safe working environment: organize yourself and ensure the work environment is safe, clean and free of clutter; this will help to concentrate and be more productive at work.

Plan ahead and manage time effectively: With extra work load during the Christmas season many of us rush things or juggle many tasks at the same time to get the work done, which can lead to accidents. Therefore it is advised to plan ahead and prioritise you work and use your time management skills.

Sleep well before going to work: this will help you to concentrate and work productively and more importantly avoid accidents.

Focus on your work: At work be focused, even though you may have your shopping to do, buy gifts or plan your holiday but focusing on your work will help you to get the work done properly and avoid mistakes.

Avoid shortcuts: this only leads to delays in long run

Contact Work Accident Solicitors
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