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Five Important Skills for a CIA Agent

by edralyn December 13, 2012 Commercial Law

You might have often wondered how the CIA chooses their agents, and maybe you’ve even dreamed of becoming the ideal recruit for the agency. But what are the requirements? CIA agents should be physically fit, that’s true. You’ve seen them running over rooftops in movies enough to know that. But working for the CIA also […]

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Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Employers and Employees

by foxhovenlaw01 November 22, 2012 Business Law

(US law and general legal information) Contracts are an essential part of doing business. Whether you are signing on new clients, working to build a business from the ground up, or hiring new employees to take your business to the next level, contracts are fundamental to every business transaction. Contract law, a facet of common […]

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The Origins of Auction Etiquette

by GuestBlogger November 19, 2012 Commercial Law

Overview Auctions offer a highly organized method to sell goods quickly while maximizing the value of the items. Complex, eloquent auction etiquette has developed over time. Today, when we think of auctions, we think of a bid-happy crowd of spectators enthusiastically watching the auctioneer, who speaks with exceptional speed and command. Though auction styles vary […]

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What do zero hour contracts mean for workers?

by Redmans Solicitors October 4, 2012 Commercial Law

The concept of “zero hour contracts” can be a confusing one for both businesses and workers. This post will therefore look at this concept and try to clarify what a zero hours contract is and what working under a zero hour contract means for workers. This will entail looking at the following issues: What is […]

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After the Olympics : Advice on Media and Advertising Contracts

by Farleys Solicitors September 21, 2012 Commercial Law

The success of the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics has caused much debate about the motivations of our sporting stars. Since Team GB’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes have been thrust into the limelight; with their every move, both inside and outside the Olympic stadium, being keenly observed by the British public, contrasts between them and […]

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How to stop Rampant Wall Street Fraud…

by lawsherm September 17, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

Rampant Securities Fraud – Why it Exists; How to Stop It… Life is about playing by rules. Sometimes we make a pact to voluntarily follow a set of rules – like when we play golf or tennis or darts or ping pong. Other times we are requited to obey a rule regardless of whether following […]

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Protecting Consumers—A Glance at Obama’s Credit Card Act and Its Effectiveness

by Legal Author June 13, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

Below is a legal blog post regarding Obama’s Credit Card Act in the US and its effectiveness. In 2009, now three years ago, President Obama signed into effect the Credit Card Act. The Act was designed to protect debt-swallowed consumers from surprise charges and fees put in fine print by credit card companies. While the […]

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When is a company dormant?

by Elemental CoSec March 30, 2012 Commercial Law

We recently had a client that wanted to incorporate a UK company which they hoped would be dormant. There are many advantages to being dormant, you can notify that HM Revenue & Customs that the company is dormant and therefore there is no need to file accounts with them (although you do still need to file […]

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From Valentine to Corporate Legal Quandries

by Elemental CoSec February 15, 2012 Commercial Law

With Valentine’s Day having just passed us by and people still caught up in the joy of partnership it is perhaps worth casting an eye over the some of the issues around jumping into bed with a partner when it comes to your business. Specifically, some of the corporate legal issues when two or more […]

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Laws for selling a car (US Law)

by Legal Author January 4, 2012 Commercial Law

Below is a blog post from Sean Gray in respect of the US laws applicable to the sale of cars. Sean is an avid blogger, who is exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to cars. He currently blogs at a company that offers junk car removal.  Selling a car can be a tricky undertaking. After […]

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5 Reasons to Guest Blawg

by Legal Author September 13, 2011 Accident Claims

A key component of blogging, guest blogging is, as the term suggests, where a blogger writes as a guest on another blogger’s blog. While this may be obvious, it may not be apparent to some why guest blogging can be useful. Here are 5 reasons why you may wish to increase your own or your […]

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