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California Labor Law: Independent Contractor vs. Employee

by caitlin September 25, 2012 Business Law

California Labor Code section 3353 defines an Independent contractor as a “person who renders service for a specified recompense for a specified result, under the control of his principal as to the result of his work only and not as to the means by which such result is accomplished.” However, “[t]he label placed by the […]

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Give yourself a better chance of getting your invoices paid says Head of Corporate Law Muneeb Dean

by Legal Author September 10, 2012 Corporate Law

The following is a post by Muneeb Dean, Head of Corporate Law, DBS Law Ltd. The latest economic statistics for the UK do not make particularly good reading. Small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) are owed billions of pounds in overdue payments, and they often have to wait months to get paid. However, as is […]

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When is a company dormant?

by Elemental CoSec March 30, 2012 Commercial Law

We recently had a client that wanted to incorporate a UK company which they hoped would be dormant. There are many advantages to being dormant, you can notify that HM Revenue & Customs that the company is dormant and therefore there is no need to file accounts with them (although you do still need to file […]

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What does a company secretary do?

by Elemental CoSec March 8, 2012 Corporate Law

Since the Companies Act 2006, private companies do not need to have a company secretary appointed unless their articles state otherwise (public companies do have to have a company secretary). However, the company secretarial services still need to be performed and the responsibility for this ultimately falls on the directors. Some of these carry criminal […]

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What happens to the assets of a struck off company?

by Elemental CoSec March 2, 2012 Corporate Actions

A company that has ceased trading can be struck off the register under section 1003 Companies Act 2006 or sometimes just by the Register of Companies. Striking off a company in this way formally dissolves the company and it ceases to exist but it is not a liquidation procedure so the assets of the company will not […]

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How do you deal with a trust as a shareholder?

by Elemental CoSec February 21, 2012 Corporate Law

One of the most important responsibilities of a company secretary is to maintain the register of members. The register of members is what determines who the shareholders (or members) of the company are and, hence, who owns the company. In fact, if the register of members is not maintained properly, then a criminal offence is […]

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From Valentine to Corporate Legal Quandries

by Elemental CoSec February 15, 2012 Commercial Law

With Valentine’s Day having just passed us by and people still caught up in the joy of partnership it is perhaps worth casting an eye over the some of the issues around jumping into bed with a partner when it comes to your business. Specifically, some of the corporate legal issues when two or more […]

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5 Reasons to Guest Blawg

by Legal Author September 13, 2011 Accident Claims

A key component of blogging, guest blogging is, as the term suggests, where a blogger writes as a guest on another blogger’s blog. While this may be obvious, it may not be apparent to some why guest blogging can be useful. Here are 5 reasons why you may wish to increase your own or your […]

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