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New Hampshire House Considers Bill on Legalizing Marijuana This Month

by Justin Shepherd January 14, 2014 Criminal Defence Lawyers

When Will Marijuana Become Legal in New Hampshire? This week the New Hampshire House will consider the bill on whether to legalize up to 1 ounce of marijuana for ages 21 and older for recreational use. Supporters are proposing to tax the drug when sold at a retail rate of $30 per ounce. In addition, […]

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Psychology Expert Witness’s “Affluenza” Defense Allows Wealthy Teen to Avoid Jail Time for Involuntary Murder

by theexpertinstitute January 10, 2014 Criminal Defence Lawyers

“Affluenza.” A term coined by mental health therapist Jessie O’Neill in her 1997 book “The Golden Ghetto: The Psychology of Affluence,” meant virtually nothing to the American public only a week ago. However, recent testimony from a psychology expert witness has made the term the talk of coffee breaks, cocktail parties, and dinnertime debates. Because […]

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Telephone Scammers: Have You Been Targeted?

by barlowrobbins October 31, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

‘Vishing’ is a process, used by fraudsters, to wheedle out your personal details over the phone, while pretending to be a legitimate body, like your bank or the police. It’s similar to online phishing, where scammers contact someone’s email address, to try to squeeze out important information. More than a quarter of adults in the […]

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – How to Stand Up for Yourself

by contactus October 17, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

Individuals who are victims of sexual harassment and discrimination often suffer in silence. Like rape victims, victims of sexual harassment often feel somewhat responsible for being mistreated. Make no mistake: it takes courage to stand up for yourself. But once you summon the courage to do something about it, you need a good lawyer who […]

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A Holistic Approach to Representing Juveniles and Young Adults

by contactus October 9, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

As a Brooklyn criminal defense attorney, I have a lot of experience with troubled youth.  There is no single prescription for helping them turn things around, but my experience has shown me that young adults in trouble tend to lack the psychological self-awareness necessary to understand the roots of their behavior and learn to control their impulses. My belief is that adolescents can […]

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When Charged with a DUI: How to Locate and Retain an Attorney for your Case

by Ladyblogger September 5, 2013 Accident Claims Law

It’s likely that everyone knows that driving under the influence (DUI) is against the law. For some reason, however, there were still 1.41 million DUI arrests in 2010 alone. When an individual faces these charges, it’s imperative that they seek out legal help. A drunk driving arrest, even with breathalyzer evidence, isn’t an automatic conviction. […]

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First Time DUI In Virginia: Prepare For Stricter Penalties

by ValerieC September 3, 2013 Arrest

The Commonwealth of Virginia has tightened its laws by enhancing the penalties for drunk driving and placing new demands on drivers convicted for the first time of DUI. Under legislation that took effect July 1, 2012, first-time DUI offenders must install Ignition Interlock Devices (IID) on all the vehicles that they own and operate. With […]

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Los Angeles Assault Attorney Explains Domestic Assault

by ManuelianLawFirm August 9, 2013 Assault

A domestic assault charge in Los Angeles threatens more than just your marriage. Like any other assault, a domestic assault conviction can result in not only the loss of your family, but the loss of your freedom as well. Emotionally-charged and aggressively pursued by prosecutors, domestic assault charges are serious and a conviction can result […]

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Understanding How Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help You?

by Daljitrakker August 9, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

If a person is charged with a crime in the court of law, he requires the services of a criminal defense attorney. The crime can be severe, felony or misdemeanor and depending on the gravity of the crime, and accordingly the punishment can range from a simple fine to community service, prison sentence and execution. […]

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DUI and the Life Changing Consequences It Causes

by Lisa Coleman July 19, 2013 Arrest

A conviction for driving under the influence can be a life-altering event. There are many more areas of life that are impacted more than merely dealing with punishment imposed by the court. Many individuals do not consider the possible consequences of an impaired driving charge, but it can be a problem for the defendant for […]

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The Criminal Mind: Brain Scans Reveal Differences

by edralyn July 11, 2013 Arrest

The Criminal Mind: Brain Scans Reveal Differences Are you a criminal mastermind? If so, you’re different than the rest of the population. Studies in neuroscience have revealed that the brains of certain types of criminals are different than the brains of the average citizen. While it’s not fair to say that all criminals possess the […]

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New Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill May Extend Dreamers Act to Those Dreamers of All Ages

by edralyn June 24, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

During the 2012 president election, President Obama received an incredible amount of support from both young and older generation Latino voters, who voted for a second term of office for the president in the hopes that he would enforce a comprehensive immigration reform bill and help the millions of undocumented and illegal immigrants currently in the country. President Obama […]

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What Is Misdemeanor And How Many Types It Has?

by callygreene June 15, 2013 Accident Claims

Misdemeanors in a Nutshell Misdemeanors refer to less considerable kinds of criminal acts that are recognized and punishable by typical legal or lawful systems across the globe. However and still, the definitions or extremes of the actions that are considered as misdemeanors would essentially vary based on your locality or your country. Particularly, such definitions […]

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DWI Has Serious Consequences for Professionals in N.J.

by KellyK May 1, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

Getting a DWI conviction may create issues in several areas of your life, and it may also provide your employer with a reason to terminate you. In fact, most employers have a clause in their employee handbook that prohibits you from getting a DWI or engaging in a long list of other illegal activities. Unfortunately, it does not […]

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How does roadside drug testing work? (Australian Law)

by Bill Vasiliadis March 27, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

If you are caught driving a vehicle on a public road in NSW Australia while you are under the influence of an intoxicating substance, you will face charges of driving under the influence (DUI). DUI is a traffic offence that carries substantial penalties, including fines, disqualification from driving, and in certain cases, it can lead […]

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Don’t Risk Your Freedom by Representing Yourself in a Criminal Case in Los Angeles

by dana.smith March 2, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

When you are charged with a crime in Los Angeles, your first question is probably, “How did this happen to me?” From you prospective, you are just minding your own business, doing what you always do, and suddenly you find yourself in jail facing a criminal conviction. You next question is probably, “Do I need […]

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Why Juvenile Probation is More Effective Than Incarceration

by edralyn February 13, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

Why Juvenile Probation is More Effective than Incarceration It’s a sad truth that criminal offenders are getting younger each year, putting more of a strain on the legal system than at any other time in history. Probation is often the sentence handed down for many of these young criminals. Sentencing youthful offenders to probation instead […]

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Falsely Accused: How Innocent People End Up in Prison

by AndrewDeen January 28, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

(General thoughts on the subject) One fundamental principle of law is that every accused person is presumed innocent until he or she is proven guilty by a competent court. Another principle states that it is better for guilty people to get off scot free than for one innocent person to get convicted for a crime […]

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How to Win Your Criminal Trial

by RyanD January 11, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

When faced with criminal charges, many defendants worry that they do not stand a chance of winning their case. With careful preparation and planning, however, and a great criminal defense lawyer, defendants can arm themselves with some of the most important tools necessary to win a criminal trial. Understanding Criminal Trials The standard of proof […]

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Florida DUI Manslaughter: Stuck like Chuck?

by MayberryLawFirm December 6, 2012 Accident Claims Law

DUI.  Driving Under the Influence.  OUI, DWI, whatever you want it to be.  Regardless of moniker it typically involves an individual who is three sheets to the wind from imbibing in one to many hot totties at his favorite pub or one who is flying high on his narcotic of choice while driving or in […]

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What To Expect On Probation

by JoelHeiligmanLaw December 3, 2012 Criminal Defence Lawyers

Probation is a sentencing given by judge for a crime that’s been committed. It’s not to be taken lightly. Although it is in lieu of jail time, it doesn’t excuse the crime you’ve committed. If you have committed a crime you still need to be rehabilitated, so make sure you know what to expect of […]

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Criminal Defense Attorneys: What Their Job Demands

by leysa.davidson November 26, 2012 Criminal Defence Lawyers

A criminal defense attorney is someone who represents the criminal and helps him through his trial. Anyone who has had to go through a bad experience involving court rooms and prison would be well aware of the duties of a criminal defense attorney. Most of these attorneys work at state or local level and are […]

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3 Major Consequences of DUI–Ditch the Booze and Drive Sober!

by edralyn October 18, 2012 Accident Claims Law

Being convicted of DUI can be easier than you think. Even if you don’t feel drunk, there’s the chance that the cop who pulls you over will disagree. Here’s the good news: Being convicted of DUI is also easy to avoid! It’s as simple as finding yourself a designated driver or simply choosing not to […]

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The Role of Criminal Defense Lawyers

by Penny Cooper October 3, 2012 Criminal Defence Lawyers

Being charged of robbery when the accused is not at fault can be a harrowing and traumatic experience. This is where a criminal attorney emerges out to offer help. Criminal law is a successful and a rewarding career option that provides you with a lot of challenges and opportunities to move further. There are many […]

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Your Future After DWI

by DWIAttorneysHouston September 6, 2012 Criminal Defence Lawyers

How Multiple DWI Charges Can Affect You (US criminal law and generally) Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a very serious charge in the state of Texas. Consequences for DWI convictions vary based on the damage caused, the level of intoxication, and even previous offenses that a person may have. If a person has multiple DWI […]

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