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Ex-Hospital Employee Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement

by ParkmanLawFirm May 29, 2013 Criminal Law

Kimberly A. Crabtree, who was indicted by a Fayette County Grand Jury in March for embezzlement, pleaded guilty on Tuesday.  The former Fayette County Memorial Hospital employee was charged with third degree felonies of theft in office, tampering with records, and tampering with evidence. According to the Fayette County Prosecutor Jess Weade, Crabtree wrote herself […]

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More IRS Employees Sentenced for Insurance Fraud

by ParkmanLawFirm May 28, 2013 Criminal Law

Two former Internal Revenue Service employees pleaded guilty and were sentenced last week for unemployment insurance fraud.  Carmen Smith, 41, and Terri Wardell, 48, are two of ten former Indianapolis IRS employees that are the current targets of state investigators. The investigation was launched in early 2012, after the IRS informed the state that it […]

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Former Wichita Police Officer Charged with Wire Fraud

by ParkmanLawFirm May 28, 2013 Criminal Law

Joletta Vallejo, a former Wichita police officer, and two others were charged with conspiracy and wire fraud after an internal investigation concluded that they were involved in a scheme to keep the officer from losing her job.  Vallejo, and her friends, Patrick Melendrez and Courtney Foster, have been charged with one count of conspiracy to […]

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Former Stamford Marketing Controller Admits to Wire Fraud

by ParkmanLawFirm May 24, 2013 Criminal Law

The former controller for a Stamford marketing and research firm pleaded guilty in federal court on Thursday to wire fraud charges relating to funds he embezzled from his former employer.  Thomas J. Turey, of Norwalk, waived his right to a federal grand jury indictment and pleaded guilty to a wire fraud charge during proceedings before United States […]

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Charlotte Man Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud in Ponzi Scheme

by ParkmanLawFirm May 24, 2013 Criminal Law

Stephen Maiden, 40, pleaded guilty on Thursday to carrying out a Ponzi scheme that caused a total loss to victims of at least $8.9 million.  The United States Attorney’s Office in Charlotte says Maiden conducted this scheme through his Charlotte based hedge fund:  Maiden Capital Opportunity Fund. Maiden formed his hedge fun in October 2006 […]

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Milton Man Sentenced for Ponzi Scheme

by ParkmanLawFirm April 29, 2013 Criminal Law

Arnett L. Waters has been sentenced to 17 years in a federal prison for his involvement in a large Ponzi scheme that defrauded customers out of millions of dollars by selling coins at inflated prices. In addition to the prison sentence, Waters will also face three years of supervised release, as well as restitution and […]

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Dothan Man Convicted on Wire and Mail Fraud Charges

by ParkmanLawFirm April 22, 2013 Criminal Law

Edward Lincoln Forehand, of Dothan, AL, has been convicted on charges of securities fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering.  According to the United States Attorney’s Office, he used the business name of “USA Marketing” to solicit investments from people mainly in South America and the panhandle of Florida between 2006 to November of […]

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How to protect your ID: 4 Practical Tips

by jonaspatrick April 20, 2013 Fraud

The internet revolution has taken everything online and there is a rising concern for security provided for online transactions and material. The developing technology has shunned the traditional practices of black and white and resorted to electronic media. Even the money matters have been passed over to plastic cards, with ease of transactions experienced at […]

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Woman who faked Navy Career is sentenced for Wire Fraud

by ParkmanLawFirm April 9, 2013 Criminal Law

Caitlin Lucille Walls Smith, who used a fraudulently-acquired military status and forged bank statements to buy a home in York County, has been sentenced to 30 months in a federal prison.  According to a news release from the United States Attorney Office she must also spend three years of supervised release and pay $437,000 in […]

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Business Owner Pleads Guilty to $1.5 Million Fraud Scheme

by ParkmanLawFirm April 3, 2013 Criminal Law

The owner of Peak Management, JonPaul Edward Sauer, waived his right to a federal grand jury on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in front of United States District Judge Greg Kays.  In doing so, Sauer admitted that he engaged in a wire fraud scheme from February 1, 2007 […]

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Tips to Console an Identity Theft Victim and Help them Avoid it

by Brianna Jones April 1, 2013 Banking and Finance Law

Identity theft is a serious ongoing problem that you should take steps to avoid. Identity thieves can cause problems with your credit history, finances, and personal reputation. You should take all precautions to protect your personal information and avoid identity theft. Specific Types of Identity Theft The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) specifies several unique types […]

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Federal Investigators Bust up $100 Million Insurance Fraud Ring

by ParkmanLawFirm March 20, 2013 Criminal Law

Forty-one defendants have either pleaded guilty or reached plea agreements in a massive insurance fraud scheme attempting to steal at least $100 million from the government-backed program that insures crops.  Authorities believe this is already the largest such ring uncovered in the country which included dozens of insurance agents, claims adjusters, brokers, and farmers in […]

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Man Charged in $5 million Investment Fraud Scheme

by ParkmanLawFirm March 14, 2013 Criminal Law

Authorities arrested a Glen Rock, New York resident on March 7th and charged him for his contributions in an investment fraud scheme that defrauded 15 different victims out of over $5 million.  Also arrested was an alleged co-conspirator who was also involved in the phony real-estate investment deals, including schemes involving an Atlantic City casino […]

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Investment Brokers Found Guilty of Mail and Wire Fraud

by ParkmanLawFirm March 7, 2013 Criminal Law

A federal jury returned its verdict following a four-week trial that has found two Albany based investment brokers guilty of swindling millions of dollars from their clients. Timothy McGinn, 64, was found guilty of 27 counts of mail fraud and wire fraud, as well as filing false tax returns. David Smith, who is 67, was also found guilty […]

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UCB Home Loans Corporation Ltd v Soni & Soni & Co 2013 EWCA Civ 62

by Mo Afzal March 6, 2013 Fraud

A lender has failed in its appeal against a finding that a solicitor was not liable under the Partnership Act for mortgage fraud committed by her former partner as she was unaware of the misrepresentations made by him. In UCB Home Loans Corporation Ltd v Soni & Soni & Co [2013] EWCA Civ 62, the […]

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Nursing Homes Patient Care in the Crosshairs of Medicare Investigations

by ParkmanLawFirm February 24, 2013 Criminal Law

Nursing Home operators should take heed to warnings coming from Washington that there entire industry is the target of an extensive federal criminal investigation for Medicare fraud. The United States Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently announced that they believe our nation’s healthcare system is being criminally defrauded of over One Billion Dollars annually by […]

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Illinois Woman Found Guilty of Wire Fraud and Embezzlement

by ParkmanLawFirm February 12, 2013 Criminal Law

A press release from United States attorney Stephen Wiggington confirms that Madison, IL woman Amy Shelby has been indicted by a grand jury on charges related to her use of commercial credit cards while she was the manager of Oakmont Mini-Storage.  The indictment took place in July 2012 after the storage company’s owner, James Green […]

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What is the offence of fraud?

by Criminal Defence Solicitors January 30, 2013 Fraud

One of the most common offences that you read about in the newspapers is that of fraud (see below for a list of recent examples). So, what is fraud? If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of fraud, charged with fraud, are being prosecuted for a fraud-related offence then you’ll want to know what this offence […]

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Alabama Real Estate Attorney Guilty of Mortgage Fraud

by ParkmanLawFirm January 17, 2013 Criminal Law

A veteran attorney in Birmingham, Alabama has pleaded guilty to wire fraud for his role in a criminal mortgage fraud scheme.  On January 7, 2013, the United States Attorney in Birmingham unsealed the criminal charges against Attorney Kelvin Davis, which allege Davis engaged in mortgage fraud in his position as the closing attorney on numerous […]

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Bank Pays Fine for Failing to Catch Money Laundering

by ParkmanLawFirm January 11, 2013 Criminal Law

In December 2012, HSBC Holdings admitted ignoring evidence its clients were engaged in criminal money laundering, and agreed to pay $1.9 billion in settlement to the United States Department of Justice and other United States law enforcement agencies.  As a result of this settlement, criminal charges will be avoided. White collar criminal attorneys who specialize in money […]

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Doctor Charged with Insurance Fraud

by ParkmanLawFirm January 8, 2013 Criminal Law

An Illinois and Michigan doctor has been indicted by a federal grand jury for criminal insurance fraud including multiple counts of health care fraud, making false statements and aggravated identity theft. According to a white collar criminal defense attorney, each count of health care fraud, a form of insurance fraud, carries a maximum penalty of […]

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Stockbroker Embezzles from Client in Wire Fraud Scheme

by ParkmanLawFirm January 6, 2013 Criminal Law

A former stockbroker in Washington recently pled guilty to criminal wire fraud and filing false tax returns, and has now been sentenced to federal prison.  The criminal wire fraud scheme to which he pled is believed to have included stealing significant money from a brokerage client whose money he was entrusted to manage. At sentencing […]

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What to Expect if Convicted of Benefit Fraud in the UK

by Legal Author January 5, 2013 Fraud

Guest post regarding benefit fraud in the UK Committing benefit fraud can lead you to being fined or even sent to prison, so what can you expect if you are suspected or subsequently found guilty? What is Benefit Fraud? The fundamental aspects of proven benefit fraud are when you deliberately fail to report a change […]

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Fraud survey – clear as mud ?

by evolvedlegal November 18, 2012 Fraud

A recent publication from the Home Office is certainly detailed and throws up some interesting facts, but on the whole, for a 90 page survey, the findings are very confusing. The report adopts a sectoral approach, not necessarily by reference to just business types, but with a starting point of attitudes and experience of fraud. […]

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How to check that your credit score is correct

by RyanD November 1, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

Consumers who apply for a new credit card or a loan may discover that they have low credit scores, but this is too late. They must know what their scores are before they apply for new credit because low scores can prevent them from receiving the credit they need. The fact is that their credit […]

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