The Most Common Reasons Why Your Employees Might Seek Legal Advice

by Legal Author on January 27, 2021

Your employees are the backbone of your enterprise. And as they spend a large portion of their days working hard, whether they’re chasing deadlines, filling in spreadsheets, managing teams or completing hard, physical labour, they all deserve a straightforward and uncomplicated working career that they can use to pay their bills and to financially support our families. 

As a business, you’ll undoubtedly take pride in providing a positive environment for your employees to thrive and progress within.

Unfortunately, not every employee will share the same experience and despite your best attempts to ensure your employees are treated fairly and professionally, situations out of your control can quickly arise and it’s then you might want to explore employment law solicitors for employees a little more.

Employment law representation can provide you with helpful advice based on your circumstances, working with you to protect you and your business from financial loss and ensuring that your rights as an employer are protected and legal. In this post, we’ll explore the most common reasons why your employees might seek legal advice.

They Believe That They Have Been Unfairly Dismissed

There are plenty of reasons why an employee may be taken through a disciplinary hearing and face dismissal. Employers can dismiss staff due to misconduct or issues over their conduct, their capability or performance, through redundancy and other situations. When employees believe that they have been unfairly dismissed for reasons including pregnancy or maternity leave, claims over legal rights being overlooked, whistleblowing, discrimination over sexuality, disability, gender or beliefs or for a reason that hasn’t been clarified then it makes sense to protect your business and get to the bottom of these challenges as soon as possible.

They Believe They’re Being Discriminated Against

If an employee believes that they’re being actively discriminated against in the workplace, whether this is due to religious beliefs, nationality, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation or even political stance, then you need to take a closer look at these accusations. This kind of discrimination could be experienced directly, indirectly or even culminate in bullying and harassment. If an employer fails to do anything about concerns over discrimination, then they could be at risk of an employment tribunal.

They’re Being Harassed In The Workplace

Employment law and the Equality Act are in place to protect employees from harassment in the workplace. An employee has the right to go about their day without being bullied, harassed or manipulated whilst at work. This could be the threat of physical violence, emotional manipulation and sexual harassment. Any kind of behaviour that leaves employees feeling vulnerable, frightened or uncomfortable should be reported. Again, these claims should be reported to you within the first instance and should be investigated.

They Believe That Their Employer Is In Breach of Their Contract

An employee contract defines the terms of an employee’s role and what is expected of them whilst within your employment. However, as an employer, you are also required by law to uphold your contractual responsibilities. Changes to your contract cannot be simply decided by an employer, especially if these changes impact salary, working hours, the job description or the location of a role. Before making any changes to contracts, you should take legal advice and go through a consultation process.

Final Thoughts…

Any concerns you have about your current legal stance should be taken to your employment law representative.

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