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Why rows over money can lead to Divorce

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers August 1, 2013 Divorce

Whilst many Husbands and Wives row over issues relating to their children, parenting, the in-laws, socialising and sex, a recent study has shown that it is those who row mostly over money that are the ones destined for Divorce. According to the Family Relationships journal report, arguments about money are the top predictor for divorce; […]

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I was never married – what parental rights do I have?

by EdwardHandsandLewis July 30, 2013 Blawg

By Faye Remnant The legal rights and responsibilities of mothers and fathers are known as ‘parental responsibility’. The most important duties of someone with parental responsibility are to protect and maintain the child, provide the child with a home, consenting to medical treatment, looking after the child’s property, disciplining the child, choosing and providing the […]

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5 Key Takeaways from the Florida Alimony Law Debate

by Howard Iken July 16, 2013 Divorce

1. Alimony will be changing – Whether it is this year, next year, or several years after, it is a given that an overhaul will be enacted for alimony in Florida. In the prior decade the alimony statutes received the equivalent of several fresh coats of paint. There was minor tinkering here and there but […]

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London – the divorce capital of the world?

by jelvin July 4, 2013 Divorce

In 2012, London cemented its reputation as the “divorce capital of the world”. A review by the Law Commission concluded that family law in the UK was perceived to be more generous than it is in other countries. London Mayor Boris Johnson echoed these opinions and even urged the wives of billionaires to travel to London so […]

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Divorce is Destroying us as a nation!

by Alex Bright June 24, 2013 Divorce

According to the Office for National Statistics, there were over 117,588 divorces in England and Wales in 2011. The effects for the numerous families involved in a divorce can be both emotionally and financially catastrophic. Can you imagine waking up one day to find yourself no longer in the home you built with your loved […]

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Why do we keep rushing Divorce?

by Alex Bright June 10, 2013 Divorce

Since the 1970s divorce rates have risen dramatically this not only subconsciously efftcs those around us, but it also destroys us financially as a nation. It’s not unheard of happy couples going their separate ways within months or even weeks of their big day. It’s not only newlyweds who are meeting with their divorce lawyers. […]

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Getting Financial Condition in Order before Filing for Divorce

by lawfirm June 6, 2013 Divorce

(Family law in Florida, United States and generally) Divorce may bring to you a blend of both emotional and financial worry. All of a sudden you may find yourself alone with all the burdens. However, these worries can be taken care of with little planning and legal assistance. Once you have come to realize that […]

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A Significant Factor in Custody Determinations

by Marc Rapaport May 30, 2013 Divorce

Parent’s Willingness to Encourage and Facilitate Relationship Between Child and Other Parent is a Significant Factor in Custody Determinations (NY Family Law) In New York, the adjudication of custody disputes often entails a years-long process involving multiple court appearances, appointment of law attorneys to represent the subject children, and temporary orders. In many cases, the […]

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Cities with the Lowest Divorce Rates

by RyanD May 22, 2013 Divorce

Divorce in America is a common occurrence. In fact, some statistics put the odds of getting divorced versus staying together at an even 50/50.  However, there are myriad factors that help determine the outcome of a marriage. Celebrities, for instance, seem to be much more prone to divorce than the average person. Another aspect that can hinder […]

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Divorce in 2013

by Lucy Reflect May 9, 2013 Divorce

A recent survey revealed that the UK has the highest divorce rate in the whole of the European Union, and that the divorce rate is actually on the rise. According to recent statistics one in five couples in the UK are divorced after ten years, however, this figure decreases with longer relationships as just 2 […]

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How is Custody Determined in New Jersey?

by contactus May 9, 2013 Blawg

If you are facing a divorce, you may be facing the stressful situation of having a judge decide the issue of child custody. If you would like to have custody custody of your child then it is important to know what a New Jersey court and judge will look for and consider in their decision. […]

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Spousal maintenance – what can i do if my spouse refuses to pay me maintenance ?

by John Hirst May 2, 2013 Divorce

In the event of there being a significant disparity of incomes between spouses, it is common for the lower paid spouse to receive interim monthly maintenance (Maintenance Pending Suit) from the higher earning spouse. The level of such monthly payments depends upon both the reasonable needs of the receiving party and also the ability of […]

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The matrimonial home on divorce – what are my options ?

by John Hirst April 30, 2013 Divorce

The matrimonial home is usually the biggest and most important capital asset that a divorcing couple will own and there are many ways in which matrimonial property is dealt with by the Courts.  Selling the matrimonial home If at all possible, the courts will try to achieve a clean break of the marriage meaning that […]

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Martin Hill Blogs on the solutions to separation issues for married and unmarried couples

by EdwardHandsandLewis April 18, 2013 Cohabitation

  Over the many years I have been helping Clients deal with separation (both unmarried and married couples). I find that the vast majority wish they had come to see us earlier with what for them were unsolvable and confusing difficulties for which I can usually find workable solutions. Many Clients quite naturally get bogged […]

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Steps to receive the Legal Custody of a Minor

by lawfirm March 28, 2013 Divorce

(US family law) Normally parents are given complete custody of their minor children unless illness or divorce, changes that. Considering the fitness of the parent/s, courts decide to give joint or sole custody. Under certain circumstances, a non-parent can also be given the custody of a minor. How the court decides the custody of a […]

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Four tips for coping with divorce

by Chris March 4, 2013 Divorce

Being hit with divorce papers will never be easy for anyone in the Notting Hill region – or across the globe! – but there are plenty of useful steps that people in this position can take to help them cope with the stress of their marriage ending. Get a good divorce lawyer The first and […]

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New Approach in Resolution of Domestic Relations Cases

by ParkmanLawFirm February 28, 2013 Divorce

(Alabama family law) The concept of private Judges is not new and not exclusive to the State of Alabama.  Many other states have had this type of legislation in place for many years in some form, and it appears for the most part it has been successful.  Generally the issue of private Judges will vary […]

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The lighter side of divorce: Top 10 strangest divorce stories

by Legal Author February 7, 2013 Divorce

Divorce is the all too common end to many marriages across the world, and when couples take that decision to split the effects can be widespread and devastating for all concerned. However, in some cases, the actions of the couple or the reasons for the split suggest that divorce might be the best outcome for […]

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What disputes does family mediation resolve?

by emmadigirank January 31, 2013 Divorce

Family mediation helps both parties have the power to take responsibility for their own lives, rather than handing issues over to the authorities to resolve. Family mediation can help solve a variety of family disputes, such as custody and visitation, child support and other family issues. Custody and Visitation Divorce or separation can be a […]

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Don’t Get Divorced Without Representation

by Scott Morgan January 30, 2013 Divorce

When people learn that their spouse wants a divorce they often will choose not to get their own lawyer. This is often true even after they have been served with a formal court papers. For some this decision is because they feel guilty about their conduct during the marriage, for others it is out of […]

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Importance of Legal Advice While Getting a Divorce

by sarahwood January 16, 2013 Divorce

Divorce is basically a legal termination of marriage. And the decision of taking divorce is not a very easy task for many spouses. As a result, this legal process quite often results into a highly stressful and painful situation for the people who actually get to face it in their own life. The decision of […]

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Steps to File a Divorce Process

by amiyafoster January 11, 2013 Divorce

(US family law) Divorce is a complex legal process. You need to have proper understanding of the divorce laws of your state and the legalities in the process. The process of divorce stats with filing the divorce papers. Once the divorce papers are filed, the other spouse is served with divorce notice and gets a […]

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Learn The Importance of a Having an Effective and Results-Oriented Divorce Lawyer

by enn48c January 2, 2013 Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process to go through alone. The emotions, frustrations, and other feelings associated with divorce need not be compounded by doubts concerning legal rights. If you have decided to end your marriage, it is vital that you seek and retain competent legal counsel. Child custody, child support, and the division of marital […]

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Bankruptcy and Divorce

by cummingskelleylaw December 20, 2012 Debt Recovery

(US law and generally) The effect of a bankruptcy filing in the United States on debts owed to an ex-spouse pursuant to a divorce depends upon what chapter of bankruptcy a person files.  Generally speaking, individuals file bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.  These two chapters treat divorce debt […]

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Significance of Divorce Lawyers in Complicated Divorce Cases

by Ethen Hunt December 18, 2012 Divorce

No couple is ever prepared or expects to go through a divorce, but it is an uncertain event and you better need to be prepared if it happens to you. Divorces are probably the most complicated cases and more sensitive than any other case. It is smart to take the help of appropriate legal firm […]

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