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Mass Transit Accidents: Who’s Liable and How to Handle a Claim

by Ladyblogger July 20, 2013 Accident Claims

Mass transit accidents can be complicated cases when many individuals are involved. Of course, even those accidents with just one victim apply as well. It is important to understand that the claimant must able to prove in court that the accident occurred due to the fault of the mass transit agency. Cases can be adjudicated […]

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U.S. Consumer Bureau Plans to Crackdown on Abusive Debt Collectors

by Adam J Krohn July 18, 2013 Blawging

(First published at There are more than 4,500 collection firms in the United States.  While many debt collectors follow the rules laid out under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), there are others who do not because they did not fall under the FDCPA’s jurisdiction.  Debt collection complaints are common, with more complaints […]

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Why that Home Equity Loan Could Really Cost You

by Erin Thompson July 16, 2013 Finance

When it comes to turning the equity in our home into cash (without selling anyway), a home equity loan takes the cake. It allows you to draw on all your hard work and pay down debts, work on your home or maybe just send your kids to uni. Whatever your plans are, you’re going to […]

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Dealing with Probate – What you need to know

by EdwardHandsandLewis July 11, 2013 Blawg

By Emma Fuller We understand that some people are nervous of approaching Solicitors if they need help with Probate as there are concerns of the costs.  However, not everyone charges in the same way. We have several pricing options, which helps families to get the help they need, but gives them the flexibility to choose […]

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TCPA Damages Ruled to be Remedial in Illinois

by Adam J Krohn June 20, 2013 Business Law

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) prohibits several telemarketing practices (such as sending spam faxes).  Under the TCPA there is a private right of action, along with the ability to seek $500 in damages for every violation (for every unsolicited fax) or the possibility of treble damages (when unsolicited faxes are sent willfully and knowingly).  […]

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Pro’s and Con’s to Bankruptcy

by ParkmanLawFirm June 20, 2013 Finance

Bankruptcy has the power to wipe away all or most personal and company debt, but it is not without side affects. Bankruptcy will affect your credit score negatively for several years to come. The process is long and complicated but an experienced Birmingham attorney at Parkman & White will help you every step of the […]

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What Consumers Should Know About Credit Cards

by Adam J Krohn June 13, 2013 Banking

(US law and generally) Credit cards can be very useful if used correctly.  However, if they are not, they can get you into a world of trouble.  On average, an US household holds about $16,000 in credit card debt.  Due to the economy, more and more debt collectors have been retained by these credit card […]

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The basic principles of agreeing a settlement of tax enquiries

by EdwardHandsandLewis June 11, 2013 Blawg

  In 2007, HMRC published the litigation and settlement strategy (LSS), which was revised in July 2011 following some key cases.   The LSS sets out the principles and standards which HMRC should apply when settling disputes with taxpayers. The general principles include:   Each dispute should be settled on its own merit. There should […]

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Do You Have Errors on Your Credit Report? How to Handle Them

by Adam J Krohn June 5, 2013 Banking

(US Law) A recent study that has been released by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has found that 26 percent of consumers have a material error on at least one of their three credit reports.  Of the consumers in the study, 5 percent that had an error, once it was corrected they were placed in […]

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Probate & online records

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 16, 2013 Blawg

By Emma Fuller Many people now store their documents on their computers and no longer have paper bank statements.  This trend has developed over several years now and means that our approach to dealing with probate has to evolve to keep up with these changes. In days gone by, many people would store all of […]

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Mortgage Approval Rise

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 15, 2013 Blawg

By Kulzinder Garcha The Guardian has recently reported that mortgage approvals for house prices has risen in March after falling through winter. Bank of England have disclosed that activity is picking up for house mortgages and remortgages. Bank of England stated that 53,504 mortgage loans were approved during March whereas in February it was at […]

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Well I declare! Why use a Declaration of Trust.

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 9, 2013 Banking and Finance Law

A Declaration of Trust is an arrangement setting out who shall have the ownership of an asset and be able to benefit from it.  This is important if your assets include land or business interests. A declaration of trust is a binding statement by the legal owner of an asset declaring that he holds the […]

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What the Fiscal Cliff Compromise Means for Most Americans

by SocialMonsters May 9, 2013 Finance

The best news for poor and middle-class families is that the compromise made between the White House and Congressional Republicans will keep federal unemployment benefits in place. The less-than-positive news is multi-faceted, as small businesses face several new taxes, higher rates on existing taxes, and the forthcoming provisions of the Affordable Care Act set to commence in […]

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10 Reasons to make a Will

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 7, 2013 Estate Planning

  We know that many people put off making Will as it feels morbid to them, but making a Will is not about planning for death.  It is about securing peace of mind for many years to come knowing that your affairs are in order.  Some clients renew their Wills annually to ensure that they […]

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The Best Ways to Save on Utility Bills

by edralyn April 26, 2013 Finance

When you think about saving on your electric, gas, and water bills, you probably think about conserving energy. Turning out the lights when you leave the room and taking more baths instead of showers are the tried and true ways to help the environment and reduce the monthly cost of your utility bills. But there […]

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Tips for Avoiding Credit Card Debt

by johne1 April 23, 2013 Finance

These days, it is easier than ever to be approved for a credit card. Often times, credit card companies will even solicit people via e-mail and snail mail with pre-approval offers for credit cards. And while credit cards can work to one’s benefit and it can be tempting to accept these offers, the truth remains […]

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Your Dream Home Costs too Much; Now What?

by melanie April 11, 2013 Estate Agency

If you’ve started searching for a first home, you’ve probably come across a very common problem: you covet a beautiful property that you simply can’t afford. The granite countertops and hardwood flooring make you swoon, or the location is amazing, but the monthly mortgage would ruin your budget and make living difficult. You can’t sacrifice […]

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Advice From Norwich Solicitors: An Introduction to Will Creation

by GordonDean April 9, 2013 Estate Planning

Having your will made up, while not the most cheerful of tasks, is an essential part of life. If you’re embarking on making a will, you’ve come to the right place for some sound advice. At my Norwich solicitors firm we try and help our clients save money, and protect your loved ones should the worst occur. […]

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Tips for Making Your Small Business Bankruptcy Proof

by Law Guru April 8, 2013 Business

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), small business bankruptcies increased from 19K in 2006 to 43K in 2008, before the economy crashed. Since small business employs more Americans than any other sector, ways to avoid financial trouble should be of paramount importance in today’s private sector. From general best practice, such as hiring a […]

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Is a Roth IRA the Best Savings Vehicle for you?

by edralyn April 5, 2013 Business

Is a Roth IRA the Best Savings Vehicle for you? If you have a bit of cash saved up and are looking to invest it to start preparing for your future, you’ve probably heard about Roth IRAs. They’ve become very common, and for many people, they’re a great choice when it comes to saving up […]

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The 15-Year vs. 30-Year Mortgage Debate

by edralyn March 28, 2013 Banking

The 15-Year vs. 30-Year Mortgage Debate Its so hard to have a long term perspective when working with a checkbook balance that is burdened by more goings than comings. In fact, for many home owners maintaining a budget is one of the biggest challenges one can face in the fight for financial freedom. Did you […]

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The Credit Bureaus and Your Rights: Do You Know Them?

by edralyn March 16, 2013 Banking

The Credit Bureaus and Your Rights: Do You Know Them? In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money. From shopping in bulk to cutting out the extra little expenses, every little bit counts. However, if you are looking for major ways to save money each month, your credit will play a large […]

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5 Mistakes Landlords Make

by edralyn March 16, 2013 Employment Law

Whether you haven’t been able to unload your house or you’re just looking for a good investment, you may be considering becoming a landlord. While controlling other people’s housing can be a good investment choice for some, it can be disastrous for others. Do things differently by learning from these five common mistakes: 1.Background Checks […]

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Financial Public Relations and Shareholders: A Delicate Balance

by timaldiss March 2, 2013 Finance

Although a company may very well have been built from the ground up, it is a good bet that much of this foundation was initially laid upon the confidence and monetary support of numerous shareholders. Unfortunately, even the mightiest of structures will founder and collapse should their foundations become unstable. In the business world, there […]

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Rules For Public Administrators to Live By

by edralyn February 28, 2013 Finance

Within organizations most of company rules revolve around conduct and results; everything else is basically left up to employees. Public administrators face fewer restrictions than almost anyone else within governmental and non-governmental agencies, but they can’t afford to become lax in their freedom. Personal codes are needed to help pick up the slack, and that’s […]

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