New Guest Article: When Will Online Poker Become Legal?

by Legal Author on April 17, 2012

Below is a guest law blog article regarding the legality of online poker in the US.

Considering moving to Canada so you can play online poker legally? Maybe you won’t have to.

Legislators are seriously considering legalizing online poker. Some of them recognize the fact that online poker could be a big moneymaker for the government, but only if they allow it. Putting tax on online poker could bring them millions every year, which could do a lot in reducing our national debt.

Is Online Poker Even Illegal?

Interestingly enough, some people call in question whether online poker is even illegal. There is no clear law that states that online poker is a crime in the U.S.

But what about all these big online poker companies that were shut down last year? Well, they broke some other laws, including money laundering and fraud to avoid U.S. restrictions. The arrests of the bigwigs of these companies really didn’t have much with the supposed illegal status of online poker.

The United States Justice Department would like for you to think otherwise. They have declared poker to be illegal. However, since there is no explicit law that agrees with the Justice Department, their say should not have much merit. In order for online poker to be illegal, legislators need to pass a law that clearly outlaws online poker. But will that happen?

Probably not, since some senators are saying that they would rather see online poker legal than illegal.

A Possible Solution to the National Deficit?

Senators, notably Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, who have been assigned the responsibility of finding funds to reduce the national deficit are seriously taking into consideration the amount of money the government would get if they put taxes on online poker.

Before the government can tax online poker, they will need to make it legal.

Another senator, Sen. John Kyl of Arizona, has voiced his support for legalizing online poker. He strongly believes that online poker will become legal, saying that it’s not a question of if, but when.

Online poker is a multimillion business and it has the potential to earn even more. Imagine how much the government could profit from taxing online poker revenue.

Hey, if we can help the government by playing online poker, all the more the better. What a great way to be a good citizen.

What You Can Do

Use your voting power to your advantage. Contact your congresspeople and tell them that you want online poker to be legalized. Remind them of the financial benefits the government could get from taxing online poker revenue.

Keep on reading online poker news, including Online Poker Lowdown, to be updated on the events surrounding online poker’s path towards legitimacy.

We’ll get there soon.

How soon? That might be up to you.

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