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The Biggest Myths and Misconceptions about Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

by Zelick Glimelstein March 7, 2014 Clinical medical negligence

When it comes to hiring a medical malpractice attorney, what kind of questions run through your mind?  What type of feedback have you heard from your family members, friends, and work colleagues?  Do you buy into the hype that medical malpractice lawsuits are almost always impossible to win?  If you do, it’s high time you […]

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How to Determine When an Intervention is Necessary

by JRO January 23, 2014 Health Law

Substance addiction is a complicated disease. Unfortunately, many people do not understand why people become victims of substance abuse. Contrary to what many people believe, substance abusers simply can’t quit on their own because quitting is very difficult. Many treatment and therapy options are available to help. However, an intervention is often necessary to help […]

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Health In The Workplace: What To Do If A Disability Renders You Unable To Work?

by Lilly November 21, 2013 Health Law

Life is strange. Just when you’re really getting into something or really enjoying your life, it throws you a curveball. Think of it as a challenge. A lesson to be learned. Those lessons and challenges come in every shape and form, and some are not that nice.  In fact, they can be downright horrible. So […]

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Biomedical Engineering Expert Witness Testimony Reveals Motivation for Johnson & Johnson to Confirm a Reported $4 Billion Settlement

by theexpertinstitute November 21, 2013 Health Law

Johnson & Johnson will likely pay $4 billion dollars to settle thousands of lawsuits over its DePuy Orthaepedics artificial hip implants – known as the A.S.R., or Articular Surface Replacement. In August 2010, Johnson & Johnson recalled 93,000 defective implants used in total hip arthroplasty surgeries , including 37,000 in the U.S., after evidence emerged […]

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Costco Sells Prepared Foster Farm Rotisserie to Salmonella Victims

by rsimonlaw October 24, 2013 Blawg

Costco is again at the middle of a recall, this time recalling products made with Foster Farms chicken and sold at its El Camino Real store in South San Francisco, California.  The products subject to recall include Kirkland Signature Foster Farms rotisserie chickens, Kirkland Farm rotisserie chicken soup, rotisserie chicken leg quarters, and rotisserie chicken […]

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Are Mirena Birth Control Lawsuit Trials On the Horizon?

by RodneyW October 24, 2013 Blawg

Hundreds of Mirena IUD birth control cases have been filed across the country, with the first trials expected in 2015.  Thousands more of these cases may be filed in the future. The discovery process has begun in Mirena birth control lawsuits filed in federal courts and in New Jersey state courts.  The first trial dates […]

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Mistakes and Malpractice: How Bad is It?

by RyanD October 1, 2013 Health Law

Medical errors caused by the negligence of a physician account for approximately 100,000 deaths a year. The rate of negligent care for hospitalized individuals is 1 percent or 1 of every 100 hospitalizations. Insurance costs associated with medical malpractice claims amount to 0.05 percent of health care spending. The myth of the growing rate of […]

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Are Antidepressants Safe for Children?

by AvaL September 17, 2013 Blawg

Antidepressants – including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) – can be an effective means of treating symptoms associated with obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression – which affects an estimated five percent of teenagers. Depression in children and adolescents, when left untreated for prolonged periods of time, can result in severe behavioral issues and problems at […]

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Avoiding Common Childhood Injury-Based Suits

by RyanD September 11, 2013 Accident Claims

There are several injuries that children are more prone to than adults. This is due to children’s sense of adventure and lack of fear, and to their undeveloped cognitive skills.  They can happen when you least expect it, and in turn, an injury-based lawsuit could sneak up on you. As a teacher, supervisor, guardian, parent […]

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Does Diabetes Qualify for Disability Benefits?

by mmauer August 9, 2013 Health Law

Does Diabetes Qualify for Disability Benefits?   (US law and policy) If you are living with Diabetes (Type I or Type II) You may be eligible to receive financial aid from the Social Security Administration. If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, you are likely struggling with the disease.  Fortunately, the government provides disability benefits […]

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Dangerous Dog Food: Recalls

by Andrew Miller July 31, 2013 Blawg

When there is a “food scare”, we usually hear about it as soon as it grabs the media’s attention; the same goes for other defective products.  More often than not, however, it takes more than just a small handful of people to be injured, sickened, or killed by a defective product.  When was the last […]

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How Changing Drunk Driving Laws Could Affect America’s Restaurant Industry

by calvinthescribe July 24, 2013 Company Law

The National Transportation Safety Board recently issued a recommendation that the legal BAC (blood alcohol content), that would legally define someone as “drunk” ought to be lowered from .08, the current level, to .05. Their intent is to combat the 30,000 deaths a year attributed to drunk driving. This doesn’t bode well for the restaurant […]

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Overview of the Obamacare Postponement

by RyanD July 22, 2013 Health Law

Recently the White House announced plans to delay the implementation of the employer mandate requirement of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare) by one year, until 2015. The employer mandate, which was one of the essential components of the Affordable Care Act along with the individual mandate to buy health […]

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Sexual Harassment or Malpractice – An Important Distinction in Gynecology Cases?

by Savannah July 8, 2013 Health Law

People develop a special rapport with their doctors. They trust their physicians to keep intimate details about their health a secret; they also trust their doctors to view their unclothed bodies objectively and in a professional manner. When a doctor crosses the line and fails to treat a patient in a respectful and professional manner, […]

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Ethical and legal dilemmas in healthcare

by Lilly June 13, 2013 Health Law

Like any profession there are dilemmas that occur in health care where it is hard to determine the right solution. Below are some of the top ethical and legal dilemmas in healthcare today. Malpractice To prove that malpractice has occurred a person must prove that the care was below the standard for the condition, a […]

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Get Compensated to Continue the Treatment of the Side Effects of a Wrongful Cosmetic Surgery

by James Ware June 5, 2013 Business Law

In the UK, cosmetic surgery is mostly common among middle aged people. Amazing structure and an organic device is the human physical system. Starting from childhood to old age, in each phase there are different developments that continue happening in the body. In the middle age, while the cell growth and their reconstruction become slower, […]

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Liquidation Order for Controversial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

by jiffee May 30, 2013 Company Law

The High Court recently ordered the liquidation of the Harley Medical Group, which had operated in Ireland since 1999. The company, which owed over 450,000 euros, requested liquidation and the appointment of a liquidator because it was insolvent and could not repay its debt. Justice Laffoy agreed that the company was insolvent and announced Stephen […]

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Have You Been the Subject of Healthcare Fraud?

by RyanD May 17, 2013 Health Law

Have you been the subject of healthcare fraud? According to the FBI website, healthcare fraud costs the US about $80 billion dollars per year. And some corrupt doctors are willing participate in healthcare fraud schemes for a price. The more expensive healthcare costs become, the higher a price we pay for the service. So eliminating […]

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$95 million for Marketing Medical Drugs

by allisonberg May 2, 2013 Health Law

Through a Qui Tam case involving a company named Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc., whistleblower Robert Heiden, a former sales representative for Boehringer, received over $17 million for bringing up the case. Boehringer promoted Aggrenox, Atrovent, Combivent and Micardis – medical drugs – and prescribed them for the incorrect treatment and in incorrect doses. Health care […]

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Keep the mother and child safe from the scope of pregnancy related injuries

by James Ware April 29, 2013 Health Law

Keeping both mother and child safe is one of the major preoccupations of professionals dealing with sensitive situations like delivery. If due negligence, inaction or incompetence from the professionals any type of injury occurs to the mother or child, then with the help of medical negligence law, you can file compensation suit against the offenders.  […]

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Top Health Concerns Related to Yaz Birth Control

by Andrew Miller April 3, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

After it was introduced to the market in 2006, Yaz quickly became the bestselling brand of birth control in the USA. Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the company that manufactures Yaz, spent more than $270 million on advertising, which undoubtedly helped with this oral contraceptive’s popularity. Since it was released though, it has been discovered that there are […]

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The Intention and Corruption at the Heart of Medical Negligence

by James Ware April 2, 2013 Health Law

Medical wrongdoing has turned out some of the most outrageous cases of wrongful injuries in the history of law over the past few years. A hot button for both the injured as well as the justice-givers, unbelievable cases of medical negligence and malpractice have been exposed by the media to arouse public awareness, and hence, […]

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Stay Clean, Stay Safe: STD Prevention

by edralyn March 11, 2013 Criminal Law

If you are sexually active, then you need be aware of and take precautions against sexually transmitted diseases. Currently, one in five people in the United States has an STD. If you haven’t thought much about protecting yourself against STDs, now’s the time to make decisions that will help you guard against contracting or spreading […]

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A Healthcare Headache_ The Growing Challenges of Retaining New Nurses

by edralyn March 8, 2013 Employment Law

Being nervous about starting a new job is natural, but in the nursing industry, some statistics say that the career is prone to particularly high turnover rates, especially among nurses who have recently graduated. Experts say that as older nurses retire, it could result in a shortage of over a quarter million nurses by the […]

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When will asbestos compensation claims become a thing of the past?

by AtriumLegal March 7, 2013 Accident Claims Law

During the 20th century asbestos was named as the wonder material. It was used mainly in the building trade owed to its near immunity to extreme temperatures. However a number of chronic and potentially fatal illnesses were soon linked to exposure to asbestos. As such the number of asbestos compensation claims have increased substantially over […]

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