How to deal with the effects of domestic violence in the workplace?

by Paul Whitaker August 26, 2013 Company Law

As any business owner can tell you, happy staff are more effective and a positive working environment is something that can make a huge difference to the way a company functions. Having a member of the team who is under a lot of stress, either with work or from issues arising in their private life, […]

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What to Do if an Injury Occurs at Work

by Lilly July 3, 2013 Accident Claims Law

Many jobs, including those in the construction, manufacturing, and agricultural industries, can lead to injuries at work. If you become disabled due to factors at work—even if the disability was not caused by a single event—you will often qualify for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is financial support provided by your employer to cover the expense […]

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What Can an Apprenticeship Scheme do for your Organisation?

by WorkplaceLaw May 13, 2013 Business

There have been many casualties of our economy to date and certainly young people aged 16 to 24, who have been dubbed the “lost generation” of the recession, have been greatly affected. Those leaving school or graduating from university are finding precious few job opportunities on offer. When I first decided that further education wasn’t […]

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Payroll legislation and laws in the UK – some of the key legal considerations

by Legal Author April 11, 2013 HR

Guest post regarding payroll legislation and laws in the UK, US and some of the advantages to using online payroll systems. In the UK there are many advantages of using online payslip software (advantages in respect of the United States are broadly similar and are outlined below) although the law underpinning this area is different […]

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