Human Rights Law

The Aging Population and the Future of Social Security

by Lilly January 14, 2014 Human Rights Law

In the bleak futuristic film Children of Men, the world’s population has been afflicted with an unnamed condition that means women can no longer become pregnant- the population is aging and there are no more younger people around to take up the slack. While the film is the product of a Hollywood screenwriters imagination, the […]

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Defying Time: Your Rights to Active Golden Years

by annbailey July 20, 2013 Human Rights Law

As people get older, they face different types of challenges than those that younger persons may experience. While the majority of individuals and businesses usually appear to be ethical in their dealings with seniors, there are some unscrupulous people and con artists who deliberately seek to exploit, abuse or neglect the elderly. Common situations can […]

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Post Leveson Regulations Come Under Fire Amid Fears For Freedom Of Press

by wiredbarrister April 11, 2013 Guest legal blogging

The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, and Labour all agreed to new reforms and an agreement on how best to regulate the UK press. A new regulatory body will be given the power to determine factors surrounding apologies made by the press. Publishers that do not sign up to the new regulations may face damages plus exemplary […]

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Stay Clean, Stay Safe: STD Prevention

by edralyn March 11, 2013 Criminal Law

If you are sexually active, then you need be aware of and take precautions against sexually transmitted diseases. Currently, one in five people in the United States has an STD. If you haven’t thought much about protecting yourself against STDs, now’s the time to make decisions that will help you guard against contracting or spreading […]

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Understanding Sovereign Nation Laws

by Cameron Tyler February 28, 2013 Human Rights Law

Throughout American history, the plight of Native Americans has been an interesting one. When the colonists first came to the New World, they ignored the native people and claimed land for themselves, with little thought for the people who lived on it originally. As the fledgling government came into being, it continued to ignore the […]

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Rules For Public Administrators to Live By

by edralyn February 28, 2013 Finance

Within organizations most of company rules revolve around conduct and results; everything else is basically left up to employees. Public administrators face fewer restrictions than almost anyone else within governmental and non-governmental agencies, but they can’t afford to become lax in their freedom. Personal codes are needed to help pick up the slack, and that’s […]

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Laws designed to help Native American cultures

by Cameron Tyler February 18, 2013 Human Rights Law

Native American tribes have expressed concern that the both the United States government and the country’s legal system have disregarded their culture, history, religion and property. From the desecration of burial sites to the sale of human remains and sacred objects to museums, the laws of the land have often clashed with Native American cultural practices. But […]

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5 Tips for Staying Safe at College

by edralyn January 25, 2013 Accident Claims Law

It doesn’t matter if you’re attending college online or on campus, your safety is paramount. You may be walking from your dorm to class, or from your car to the library; staying aware of your surroundings and following proven safety tips will help keep you from becoming a victim. If you’re a college student, here’s […]

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