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Best Immigration Lawyers UK + Brexit Immigration Legal Advice (London, Birmingham & Beyond)

by YouBlawg August 20, 2017 Immigration Law

Needing a top immigration lawyer to help with your immigration law issues? Where you’re an entrepreneur or investor (Tier 1), or looking for a visa to stay with your partner or family or need business immigration legal advice, an immigration lawyer can help you. The following are some of the best firms of immigration solicitors […]

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Top 7 Reasons Your US Visa May Get Denied

by burkejaskot February 5, 2016 Immigration Law

Visas are an important way to enter the United States and to stay in the country for an extended period of time.  If you live in a country other than the US, you will need a visa to work in the country, receive medical care, or stay for an extended time with relatives.  Unfortunately, there […]

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Will the roll out of BRP make the employment of those with visas easier for UK Businesses?

by Rebecca Bridges April 8, 2015 Immigration Law

BRPs (Biometric Resident Permits) used to be known as Identity Cards for Foreign Nationals (ICFNs). They are the shape and size of a credit card and show a migrants photograph on the front, together with information about how long their extension is for.  They also show whether they are allowed to do any work, and […]

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Difference between change of status and consular processing

by Peter Park October 15, 2014 Immigration Law

Most people without much knowledge in how the US immigration system works tend to think in terms of legal vs. illegal.  When people say legal or illegal status, what is being talked about is the legality of one’s status in the United States.  While that may be the only way of thinking for US residents, […]

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Recent Immigration Rule Changes and Updates in the UK

by Wright Hassall May 1, 2014 Immigration Law

A number of changes were recently made to the Immigration Rules in the UK.  All changes mentioned below are effective from 06 April 2014 unless otherwise stated. Changes relating to Tier 2 of the Points-Based System A change is being made to allow Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) and Tier 2 (General) applicants to be granted […]

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Hague Convention Adoptions

by Joseph Law Firm January 21, 2014 Immigration Law

Citizenship & Immigration Services Issues Policy Memorandum for Determining Habitual Residence in United States for Hague Convention Adoptions By Melanie Corrin, Senior Attorney On December 23, 2013 the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a Policy Memorandum, effective immediately, which serves to clarify the criteria adjudicating officers must follow in determining whether or […]

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U.S Permanent Residence Card Information

by Dee Bronwinn December 12, 2013 Immigration Law

A United States Permanent Residence Card, also known as a Green Card, signifies permanent legal residence in the country. There are several paths to obtaining a Green Card, and knowing how to proceed is important to making the process successful. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), part of the Department of Homeland Security, has […]

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How to Find the Right Immigration Attorney for Your Case

by billnixon October 31, 2013 Immigration Law

Finding an immigration attorney is an important step to gaining citizenship. If you choose the wrong attorney, you may not be able to enjoy a stress free process. In fact, the wrong attorney can delay your citizenship by a huge period of time and might end up causing you to waste your hard earned money. […]

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What the Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 457) Changes Are All About

by Michael Ma September 18, 2013 Immigration Law
Thumbnail image for What the Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 457) Changes Are All About

(Aus Immigration  Law) Australia is a great country to work in, as it provides a lot of opportunities for overseas workers to be a part of the country’s workforce. There are many types of Australian visas that you can apply for so you can work in the country, there’s the Working Holiday Visa, the Student […]

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Airports: What are my Rights?

by sbanerjee September 5, 2013 Immigration Law
Thumbnail image for Airports: What are my Rights?

With recent events in the UK concerning the detainment of the partner of a journalist covering the Edward Snowden affair, rights at airports have become more prevalent in popular discourse. David Miranda, who lives in Brazil, was detained in London’s Heathrow airport for almost nine hours as was reported by the Guardian this week. He […]

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Professional Immigration Advice From Specialist Qualified Immigration Solicitors

by mariajohnuk July 26, 2013 Immigration Law

Professional immigration solicitors are required to keep ahead of all the latest changes and amendments to immigration law. It is only by keeping abreast of all past and imminent changes to immigration procedures and legislation that they can ensure clients receive the most relevant and up to date, valid information on immigration rules, and it […]

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Bankruptcy and Non-Citizens

by hiken July 19, 2013 Immigration Law

Bankruptcy in the United States is a difficult situation, and if you’re confronting it as a non-citizen, you’ll be facing some unique challenges.  Even though it’s legal for a noncitizen to file for bankruptcy, there are some pitfalls to avoid if you want the process to go more smoothly and not damage your chances of […]

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H-1B Cap predictions come true. Lottery will now decide the future of petitioners. (US Immigration Law)

by Domnic Francis June 24, 2013 Immigration Law

(US immigration law) US companies employing foreign workers in specialty occupations that demand theoretical or technical expertise in specialized fields such as scientists, engineers, or computer programmers are required to file for H-1B visas. April 1st, 2013 marked the beginning of the filing period for H-1B petitions subject to cap limits for the fiscal year […]

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Preparing For Your Deportation Hearing (US Immigration Law)

by Paul Young Choi June 10, 2013 Immigration Law

Hundreds of thousands of people are deported from the United States each year. It can be a stressful time for those who are getting deported, but you do not have to go through it on your own. When you are facing this prospect, there are a few things you can do to help yourself. Start […]

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US Laws: Obtaining a Green Card Through Employment

by zizinya March 7, 2013 Immigration Law

(US immigration considerations) Getting a green card is often a task that an individual undertakes on their own, but there is actually another process in which a person can get a green card in connection with an employment opportunity. Employers can actually petition the government for a green card on behalf of an immigrant if […]

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Rules For Public Administrators to Live By

by edralyn February 28, 2013 Finance

Within organizations most of company rules revolve around conduct and results; everything else is basically left up to employees. Public administrators face fewer restrictions than almost anyone else within governmental and non-governmental agencies, but they can’t afford to become lax in their freedom. Personal codes are needed to help pick up the slack, and that’s […]

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Tourist Visa in Thailand Strict Requirements

by Siam Legal International February 20, 2013 Immigration Law

New regulations are now enforced at Thai Embassies and Consulates around the world about additional requirements on the Issuance of Tourist Visa to Thailand Additional Requirements on the Issuance of Tourist Visa to Thailand Thai Embassies in different countries now implement stricter requirements with regards to approval and issuance of Tourist Visa to Thailand. Tourist […]

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What to do when your visitor/working visa is expired

by Derek Finegan January 31, 2013 Immigration Law

Spending time in a foreign country like the US requires you to have either a working or a traveling visa. Naturally, this visa needs to be completely valid since it signifies a document which officially grants you access to this country. Therefore, once a visa expires, you lose you right to spend time in this […]

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You Can Be Deported from United States for Felony Charges

by lawfirm January 23, 2013 Immigration Law

Residing in any part of the United States on a visa or green card and convicted for a felony, you may be deported from the country for this reason. There are various factors that will be considered before making any decision about deportation. The factors that may affect the process of deportation are the offense […]

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EB-5 Visa: Rules and Regulations

by lawfirm January 14, 2013 Immigration Law

Those willing to visit and stay in the United States, have to obtain a visa. There are several visa categories that you need to consider while deciding the appropriate one for you. However, depending on any of this visa it is difficult to stay permanently in the US. If you are looking for a visa […]

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Laws Related to Dual Citizenship

by lawfirm January 5, 2013 Immigration Law

The US state department was reluctant to allow dual citizenship but at present it is possible to retain dual citizenship. The laws clearly give individuals the right to keep both citizenships for life in certain kinds of circumstances. These situations are Dual citizen from birth or childhood Become a citizen of another country after having […]

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Legal immigrants distressed at receiving messages to leave UK

by duncan12 January 3, 2013 Immigration Law

A firm working for the government Capita’ which was contacted by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) in September to track down 174,000 illegal immigrants had wrongly told people living legally to leave the UK it has emerged. Some of them who were contacted by text and email were a woman with a UK passport and […]

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Campaigners slam UKBA for being consistently active during Christmas to remove refused asylum seekers

by duncan12 December 24, 2012 Immigration Law

Pre-Christmas purge of the UK Border Agency who were rushing through to remove failed asylum seekers from the country has been slammed by the anti- deportation campaigners. Every year during the Christmas period there is an attempt by UKBA to deport refused asylum seekers knowing very well that resources at this time of the year […]

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Do I Need a Visa to Enter Thailand?

by Siam Legal International December 20, 2012 Immigration Law

One of the most frequently asked question whenever a foreigner wants to travel to Thailand would be “Do I need a visa?” A visa is a clearance to enter or leave a territory for which it was issued, subject to permission of an immigration official at the time of actual entry. Prior to traveling to […]

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Asylum support – and the impact on children

by GuestBlogger December 11, 2012 Immigration Law

A Parliamentary inquiry is looking at whether the existing asylum support system meets the needs of children and young people. The inquiry was launched in October, after concerns were raised that the protection offered by the system had fallen below the intended levels. The asylum support system Section 55 of the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration […]

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