Who Is Affected By UK Immigration Law?

by Legal Author on July 2, 2012

Below is an immigration law blog post regarding UK immigration law. Further contributions on this complex subject welcome.

The immigration laws in the UK affect a broad range of people and is extremely important both in the political landscape and the social landscape of the country. There are always fights between political parties about whether there should be an immigration cap, and in the social arena, there are people who are not happy that immigration works for people coming to the UK but not the other way around, especially in times of financial hardship.

But immigration law should not be intimidating or frustrating for those who want to learn more. For further help, contact the Home Office or the abundance of information covering immigration law that is available online. There are also a great number of immigration lawyers who specialise in the subject and can help you with everything you need to know.

Below is a list of people that UK immigration law affects and how. This will help you better understand the workings of the law.

Work Seekers

Due to the UK being part of the European free market, people from the European Union are free to come to the UK and work. This sometimes creates tension in the UK, especially during a recession. But this law works both ways and allows people from the UK to work in every area of Europe. For workers who are outside of Europe there is a PBS (Points Based System) which is calculated by awarding points to highly skilled, highly qualified individuals. A doctor from India with a wealth of experience would have a high number of points compared to an unskilled person from the same area.

Asylum Seekers

It is a tragedy that many people in the world still feel that they need to flee their home countries to seek refuge in more secure locations overseas to avoid persecution. The UK immigration law ensures that there are procedures in place that under obligation from international law and the human rights act, people get the best possible chance to lead a happy and healthy life away from oppression.


Most UK universities have a flourishing International Student base, with students coming to the UK on student visas from all over the world including South Korea, Africa and the United States. These are usually temporary visas that last a short while, but are extremely beneficial to both the UK economy and the individual.

Temporary Visitors from Overseas

The UK economy thrives on tourism, and the Home Office is very careful not to put potential visitors off by creating a complicated system where immigration law is too tight. In cities such as London, overseas visitors are a necessity, and across the UK, overseas tourists aid in supporting and maintaining the UK’s multi-cultural history. There are plenty of border control laws and regulations in place to enable a filtering process to take place, so that the right people – and a manageable number of people – get to visit our great country.

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