International Law

An Overview of International Litigation: Key Points And Considerations

by gclatworthy March 22, 2013 International Law

International law is not like any other area of law, even when it addresses common legal concerns. International law must take into account the different laws and customs of the nations involved. Since 1893, most legal issues that involve entities from different nations refer to the Hague Conference for legal protocols. There are many factors […]

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Key Differences in the Employment Laws of the US and UK

by RyanD February 26, 2013 International Law

The laws of the U.S. and the U.K. are similar in many ways, but there are important differences in their employment laws. If you are an American planning to work in the U.K., or vice versa, you should be aware of those differences which may be important to your circumstances and your employment relationship. This […]

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What is a Process Agent?

by Elemental CoSec January 15, 2013 Business Law

A process agent in the UK is someone who is appointed to accept service of legal proceedings on behalf of their client. Although, in theory, anyone can make use of this service, it is generally used by non-UK companies doing business in the UK to provide a way for the UK party to serve proceedings. Why […]

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Legal Issues of Investing Abroad

by RyanD December 8, 2012 International Law

A recent report by TribLive News has determined that wealthy individuals in the United States have stashed as much as $25 trillion dollars in overseas bank accounts. Options such as offshore trusts, hedge funds, and limited liability corportations allow investors to place assets in a shelter from taxes and lawsuits. While investing in offshore accounts […]

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Legal translation: Why outsourcing is critical

by Sajan November 12, 2012 International Law

Few disciplines emphasize precision like the world of law. Every word must be accurate; every carefully phrased clause needs to be strictly upheld. The stakes are even higher when you’re spanning multiple borders.Anything less than sharp-edged precision can mean the difference between winning and losing. A series of objections versus sustained success on the international […]

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How the New EU Cookie Law Will Affect Website Design

by BigFork August 20, 2012 International Law

The law was passed last year but organisations were given a year to put into place a system so that they were compliant, but what exactly do you need to know and how is it going to affect the design of your website? Cookies are small pieces of data that are saved onto your computer […]

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The Use of Force in International Law: Whether Israel acted within the law in the Lebanon War of 2006

by LMS-Graham April 16, 2012 International Law

July 12th 2006, 09:05 local time: Hezbollah launched diversionary rocket attacks on the Israeli settlements of Zar’it and Shlomi. Following these attacks Hezbollah then attacked two armoured vehicles, with the intention of capturing military personnel as prisoners. This was then followed by other skirmishes at border posts which again Hezbollah was attacking and one failed […]

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