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Should Law Firms change to a New Fully Managed Print Service?

by Alex Hutchinson March 25, 2014 Business

A large % of the Law Firms we work with are called, on a daily basis, by salespeople trying to tell them why they should change their Printers to a New Fully Managed Print Service (whether they take the call or not is a different matter but they receive the calls non the less!) “We […]

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After the Candy Crush Saga Hit Headlines, Could Your Trademark Be at Risk?

by Donna February 20, 2014 IP & Technology

Trademarks have once again it the headlines in recent weeks after the makers of the Candy Crush Saga game took legal action to prevent any other game developers from using the word “candy”. The company behind Candy Crush, King.com have angered other game makers, some of whom have joined forces as part of a protest […]

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Top 8 Crime Scene Investigation Games for Android

by mariechan January 15, 2014 Criminal Law

Fancy yourself as a detective? Can you piece together clues and leads where others see only mystery? If so, check out this list of the top 8 Crime Scene Investigation games for Android. 1.    CSI Game Where better to start than a game based on the CSI TV shows? Based on seasons 1-5 (and with […]

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Will Google Glass Cause Traffic Accidents & Create Privacy Issues?

by Law Guru December 4, 2013 Constitutional Law

It’s almost weird enough to be science fiction, but we’ve learned by now that technology has made almost anything possible. Google’s new wearable computer, “Glass,” is a little kooky, a little awesome, and a lot controversial. The easy-to-use invention features an adjustable and bendable frame, nose pads for comfort, a customizable fit, a touchpad along […]

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The Expert Witness Who Convinced a Jury that Samsung Owed Apple $290 Million

by theexpertinstitute November 28, 2013 Copyright Law

Damages expert witness Julie Davis convinced an eight-member federal jury that Apple, Inc. deserved to be paid $290 million by the company that profited from infringing on the tech giant’s patents. According to Reuters, Apple argued that Samsung Electronics Co. profited from “ [copying] various iPhone features – like using fingers to pinch and zoom […]

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Wants to Hear from Consumers about their Bad Experiences with Debt Collectors

by Adam J Krohn November 14, 2013 BigLaw

Many people have bad experiences with debt collectors and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) wants to hear about them.  They are preparing to update the rules that govern how debt collectors communicate with borrowers and they are seeking information from both debt collection companies and consumer advocates to help them prepare the new rules.  […]

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What Corporations Should Know About the FCC’s New Telemarketing Rules: Effective October 16, 2013

by Adam J Krohn October 24, 2013 BigLaw

Last year the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted several very significant changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).  The changes to the regulations have become effective on October 16, 2013.  Two of the changes include: A requirement that written consent be obtained prior to a business placing a call; and The “established business relationship” […]

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Patent Fight in the Tech Sector and Their Possible Consequences

by Lilly October 2, 2013 Intellectual Property

Patent infringement law suits are a never ending battle between big tech firms like Apple and Samsung. It’s a battle that never sleeps, there’s almost always a suit either ongoing or about to start in these areas. The question is, what kind of effect will this have on customers? Apple vs. Samsung An example of […]

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Types of Intellectual Property

by Donna October 1, 2013 IP & Technology

Those people outside the “creative” industries may not be aware of what constitutes intellectual property, but the definition may actually apply to everyone, and learning about the different types of intellectual property could prove to be very important. There are four types of IP: A patent A patent is designed to protect new inventions, the way […]

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Does It Help to Have a Trademark Lawyer?

by Gerben Law Firm September 26, 2013 IP & Technology

What’s in a name? According to William Shakespeare’s Juliet, who famously proclaimed, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” — not much.  But try telling that to Nike® or Cadillac® or Lululemon® — companies who rely on consumers to seek out their products based on their brand names. When […]

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