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10 Ways Social Media Has Changed How Lawyers Operate 

by YouBlawg September 8, 2017 Law firm marketing

Contribution from an author in the legal sector explaining 10 of the ways social media has changed how lawyers operate:- Chances are, you are among one of the 1.23 billion monthly active users on Facebook… Or, if not, you might be a user of various other social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, or even […]

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Why Your Law Firm Needs to Jump on the Infographics Bandwagon

by Byfield Consultancy May 26, 2014 Law firm marketing

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 18 months, the chances are you’ll already know that infographics are big news in the world of content marketing. And if you don’t then come out from that rock at once and smell the roses. [source] An infographic is a concise way to display information, […]

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Personal Injury Law Firms Urged to ‘Adapt or Die’

by Matthew Waterfield December 5, 2013 Accident Claims

Several recent news stories indicate that personal injury law firms are not adapting quick enough to the need for new forms of marketing to replace sources of cases lost due to the referral fee ban of April 2013, despite the fact that they have money to invest. These firms could be placing themselves at risk […]

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Debt Collectors Cannot Engage in Conduct that Harasses a Consumer When Attempting to Collect a Debt

by Adam J Krohn November 28, 2013 Banking

The purpose of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is to stop debt collection practices that are abusive and to protect the consumer.  Under the FDCPA, 15 USC Section 1692d, debt collectors cannot engage in conduct that is meant to harass, oppress, or abuse a person when attempting to collect a debt.  More specifically, […]

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Bernie Clark Reviews the Best SEO Software for Attorneys

by contactus October 8, 2013 Business

Bernie Clark is the Co-Founder of Majux, a Philadelphia marketing agency that provides law firm marketing solutions to attorneys of all types. It is important for your law firm’s website to be properly optimized so those searching for services you offer are neatly directed into your online conversion funnel. The good news is that there are […]

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The Role of Social Media in the Legal Industry

by Chelsea Wilson August 9, 2013 Law firm management

The Internet and social media are constantly disrupting industries—sometimes for the better, sometimes not. For most people, the penalty for taking a misstep online is merely embarrassment. For lawyers, however, the penalties can be quite severe, and can include fines and public censure. In order to stay on the right side of the law, below […]

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U.S. Consumer Bureau Plans to Crackdown on Abusive Debt Collectors

by Adam J Krohn July 18, 2013 Blawging

(First published at There are more than 4,500 collection firms in the United States.  While many debt collectors follow the rules laid out under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), there are others who do not because they did not fall under the FDCPA’s jurisdiction.  Debt collection complaints are common, with more complaints […]

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Not everything always goes to plan.

by LawFirmNetwork May 7, 2013 Blogging

Did I or didn’t I cut the grass I hear you ask?  Well I did, but not when I had expected or planned to do it. I had expected for Saturday morning to be the day to do it, but the weather took a different view on that. Not just a bit of rain, but […]

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Sunshine and blue skies – Will it last?

by LawFirmNetwork May 7, 2013 Blawg

Looking out from the offices today I see that the sun is shining and we have some glorious blue skies across Cambridgeshire.  I can only hope that it will last through to the weekend so that I can give the grass its second cut of the year. To match the great weather I saw the […]

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How Attorneys Can Network More Easily – And Increase Their Profitability

by CLLAInforms March 28, 2013 Business Development for Law Firms

To succeed at many law firms, attorneys need to promote their skill set — and land new clients. Firms expect, and regularly reward, attorneys for delivering regular work: A recent survey from Major, Lindsey & Africa and ALM Legal Intelligence found that the majority of attorneys–65 percent–said that bringing in business had the biggest effect […]

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Pay per click – nifty tricks and tips

by Legal Author March 28, 2013 Law firm marketing

Guest post from a tech-savvy lawyer in the UK. Pay per click, especially via google adwords, tends to polarize those who are for or against it. Some argue, with legitimacy, that ppc is not trusted as much as the organic results, and our own experience at Lloyd Green, when it comes to legal searches, does […]

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Training Dos & Don’ts – Get the most from your training session

by emmadigirank March 2, 2013 Law firm management

There’s plenty of advice available to CEOs and business owners on how to ensure that they provide the best training sessions for their employees. However, there’s not so much resource material available for the employees themselves which, considering you are the people attending, seems a little unfair. If you are attending personal injury training, there […]

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Law Office Design: Furnishing Your Workspace

by Lilly January 30, 2013 Business

Establishing a new legal office is an exciting project that can truly shape the public image of your practice and shape the nature of your relationship with your clients.  Whether your legal firm has a large budget for remodeling and design, or if you are a smaller firm that wants to have a more targeted […]

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Legal Marketing Tips – What Can Solicitors Update Their Clients About?

by emmadigirank January 8, 2013 Law firm marketing

Communication between a solicitor and a client is vital, both for building relationships and encouraging future business. Solicitors should communicate with their clients at least once a fortnight, or if you can stretch to once a week, even better. With long days and busy schedules, communicating with existing clients often comes at the bottom of […]

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Make Each Penny Count Using a No Win No Fee Lawyer

by Anne Stewart December 11, 2012 General Law

Guest post from Australian personal injury lawyers. A “no win, no fee” policy offered by lawyers in Brisbane can be confusing to so many people. How does the policy work and what should you watch out for when a workplace injury lawyers offer them? How does a “no win no fee” policy work? As the […]

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5 Internet Marketing Tips for Lawyers

by LNLawMkting November 6, 2012 Law firm marketing

Internet marketing can involve a variety of technologies, software and hardware, but certain promotional methods are practically guaranteed to work. For example, a professionally-designed website with keyword-rich content is standard-issue for online promotions. Advanced marketing could include cross-promotional branding, interactive social networking, mobile campaigns and local search optimization. Here are five Internet marketing tips for […]

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A different kind of analytical lawyers

by evolvedlegal September 22, 2012 Law firm management

Lawyers spend most of their time being analytical, it is a fundamental part of the job and a fundamental skill to be a successful legal professional. It is perhaps therefore a paradox that there are still a significant number of law firms that don’t use analytics when it comes to knowing what their clients are […]

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Has SEO become SRO?

by Legal Author August 5, 2012 Law firm marketing

The following is a guest post from Evolved Legal regarding SEO and some interesting thoughts for lawyers in 2012. The business of obtaining high rankings and prominence in search engine results and particularly Google is a hot topic at the moment, although many lawyers still do not seem to appreciate how important and big the […]

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Avoiding bad decisions – strategic red flags

by knowledge4lawyers July 11, 2012 Business Development for Law Firms

Good leaders make bad decisions.  Good firms make wrong turns.  When things change, it often seems to be the most successful businesses which are the slowest to adapt.  I’ve just finished the Strategy module on my MBA and this is a topic which we debated at length. There is no doubt that things are changing […]

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Law firm marketing trends update

by evolvedlegal May 28, 2012 Law firm marketing

The UK is often described as being 5 years behind the US when it comes to following popular trends. This figure is greatly narrowed when referring to internet trends, which can become popular nationally overnight. The same can therefore be said for the adoption of certain trends by UK law firms, taken from their US […]

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