Careers in Education Law

by Paris on July 28, 2011

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A Closer Look at the Careers in Education Law

If you are visiting this page and reading this article intently, chances are you aspire to pursue a career in education law and want to know more about its future prospects. Once you obtain a degree in education law you can enjoy a variety of professional options. As an education attorney you can gain employment in private firms, non-profit organizations or in state and local government agencies. The issues taken care of by Education attorney ranges from interpretation of state, federal statutes to court rulings and the list includes anyone from kindergarteners to doctoral students.

Education Law

The United States School law is founded upon four principles: the U.S. Constitution, federal laws, state constitutions and laws, and court rulings. If you wonder how constitution is related to education, Education Professor George S. Morrison’s remark in “Teaching in America” might clear the mist. According to him “Basic rights guaranteed to individuals do affect, influence and determine what happens in education.”

Education Law careers in Private Firm

Some law firms which represent school districts, colleges and universities, or individuals pursuing claims against such institutions are specialized in education law. Under this law firms, issues like application and interpretation of the IDEA, the Civil Rights Act, No Child Left Behind, or issues involving discipline, school assignments or curriculum are being proficiently handled. Statistics of Georgetown University School of Law reveals an astonishing fact in this regard that nine different law firms in the Washington, D.C., area alone specialize in education law.

Education Law careers in Non-Profit organizations

Crucial issues like the Center for Education Reform and the Center on Education Policy are handled by a number of non profit organizations. Attorneys who specialized in education law and hold a license to practice in the respective state can work for non- profit employers. Usually non- profit associations take into account particular educational issues, like the National Alliance for Public Charter schools.

Education Law careers in Government Agencies

Education attorneys are also privileged to work with Government agencies in specific areas like the U.S. Department of Education; the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, the House Committee on Education; the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions; and state departments of education.

Further Issues related to Education Law

The National School Boards Association provides a list of issues which the students pursuing careers in education law might encounter in future. The list incorporates the separation of church and state ,the constitutionality of teaching “intelligent design” versus evolution, allegations of sexual harassment of a student by a school staff member, accommodations to disabled students, student dress codes and laws regarding open meeting laws and so on.

The area an education law attorney covers is quite vast and commendable in every respect.




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