Shettleston Asbestos Scare

by Thompsons Solicitors on July 4, 2012

Asbestos scares are always cause for concern, but the recent news that asbestos fibres have been found in the gutters of homes near a burned out school in Shettleston is particularly worrying.

It’s estimated that approximately 4,000 people die from exposure to asbestos every year, and it only takes a tiny amount of the toxic substance to cause really serious – and often fatal – health problems.

Following a fire in the disused St Mark’s Primary School building on Muiryfauld Road earlier this summer, people and families in the surrounding area are being put in a situation where they may come into contact with asbestos fibres as the clean-up operation takes place.

Thompsons Solicitors has responded by setting up a dedicated service to help worried residents, and the firm’s specialist lawyers will be putting pressure on the authorities to ensure lives are not being put at risk.

Drew Smith, Labour MSP for Glasgow, commented:

“The situation has caused considerable fear and alarm in the local community, and we need to ensure a thorough clean-up and full information for worried residents.

“I have asked the City Council to confirm that everything that can be done is being done.

“Local people must be satisfied that there are no outstanding safety issues.”

Chris Gordon, asbestos expert and partner at Thompsons Solicitors, comments:

“Breathing in just a small amount of asbestos dust can put your health at serious risk. It’s a silent killer – it can be in your system for many years before symptoms show. Most victims don’t know they’ve been affected until they develop shortness of breath or chest or abdominal pain.

“We work closely with Clydeside Action on Asbestos and the victims and families of those affected by asbestos poisoning to get justice and to ensure that the community is protected from potentially fatal health hazards such as this.

“We’re committed to the local community and we’re on-hand to provide assistance to anyone concerned with these recent developments.”

As the leading experts in asbestos disease cases, Thompsons announced today that its asbestos helpline (0800 081 0054 or text “Asbestos” to 60155) will be open to anyone concerned by the presence of asbestos in the Shettleston and surrounding area.

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