Top Seven: World’s Most Bizarre Footballing Accidents

by hellen on July 10, 2014

With the World Cup well and truly under way, like it or loathe it, football is the subject that is on everyone’s lips. No matter what you think of the Beautiful Game, you have to admit that a footballer’s life is a pretty enviable one: millions in the bank and a beautiful partner on your arm. However, no matter how peachy their lives may appear to be, there are moments when even footballers have to face the reality of being human. I am of course talking about accidents and injuries. If you are an avid armchair supporter, you will have witnessed your fair share of gruesome close-ups of broken limbs, bent fingers and bleeding foreheads, but some of the most bizarre accidents happen off the pitch.

We have uncovered some of the most bizarre accidents in football history, and believe me when I say, some of them sound more than just a little bit painful…

7.         It’s good to know that even when they’re not playing a big match, some of the world’s most highly paid players are still getting in some practise off the pitch, but does a “kickaround” on the Playstation really count, Rio Ferdinand? Apparently the United player suffered a strained tendon due to inactivity during a particularly lengthy stint on the popular computer console.

6.         Some of the most annoying injuries occur when there is someone else to blame, and nobody knows this feeling more than Bryan Robson who, after attempting to get Gazza out of his pit in preparation for a game, lifted the slumbering footballer’s bed and subsequently dropped it on his foot, leaving him unable to play in the 1990 World Cup.

5.         Striker Darius Vassell took DIY to a whole other level when he attacked a blister on his toe with a power drill. Luckily, this less than intelligent act only resulted in a blood infection and not the loss of a digit.

4.         You don’t often come across greed as a reason for not being able to play a match, but Shinji Kagawa proved that absolutely anything is possible when he missed a game due having to have his stomach pumped after overeating.

3.         Former Arsenal player, Tony Adams found himself in a spot of bother after lifting Steve Morrow onto his shoulders in an act of celebration over Morrow’s League Cup winning goal. Perhaps underestimating his teammate’s weight, Adams fell, breaking his collarbone. To make things worse, he was unable to collect his winner’s medal.

2.         David Batty was already injured when he was involved in what would be, in other circumstances, a trivial accident. Batty was recuperating after sustaining an ankle ligament injury, when his three year old daughter ran over his foot on her tricycle.

  1. The number one spot goes to a most peculiar incident, of which one can only hope there is video footage. Norway player, Svein Grondalen was jogging when he had a head-on crash… with a moose.

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