Legal Careers: Become a Lawyer and Help Citizens

by melissa on May 22, 2012

The legal career holds a lot of attraction for many of the budding professionals. Those who have a desire to help others, find this a very rewarding career opportunity. For hard-working and deserving lawyers the pay packet is definitely very good. Lawyers are now being consulted from the tiniest to the biggest of issues of our life. There is a lawyer or an attorney available for anything and everything. Innumerable law firms are coming up and are doing good business. It would hardly be possible if people were not either filing law-suits or trying to prevent getting caught in them. Being a lawyer is certainly one of the most challenging jobs that one can have. A lawyer can either earn a fat pay-packet or sacrifice it by working for those who cannot afford to hire top-notch lawyers. So, this career can bring both, money for the pocket and peace for the mind.

The Past Scenario:

A law degree, even a few decades back, meant getting enrolled in an expensive school. But many could not afford it. For them the dream of becoming a lawyer remained a dream that could never be fulfilled. Taking out a loan is not always an option for many as it entails an obligation of pay back. It would look very awkward if a law-degree holder had to hire a lawyer to free him/herself from the rigors of a defaulted student loan.

The Present Condition:

The scenario of legal education is changing slowly with the development of technology. Gone are the days when a law student has to trundle off to a law schools with cartons of books. Now, the students do not have to get themselves enrolled in an expensive law school. They can get an equally valid and accepted degree from the same law schools sitting at their home through distance learning. These degrees are mainly opted by working professionals who want to diversify their work-field. Not many who go for online legal courses work as lawyers. They usually enter other areas of the legal career.

Be careful:

However, before going for any such course, complete information must be procured. Many of these courses are not registered with the American Bar Association. As a result getting such a degree will only result in a wastage of time and money as the student with this kind of degree will not be allowed to take the bar examination and practice as a lawyer. However, there are ways and means to procure a degree that will allow the degree holder to take the state bar examination and enable him/her to practice as a certified lawyer.

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The Author Melissa is very interested in the field of online learning. She has written several blogs regarding the various avenues that can be explored through online distance learning program. Here, she tells us about online legal education.

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