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Why are Antibiotics on the Rise?

by John Pollitt October 14, 2014 Law

According to a recent study by University College London and Public Health England, the proportion of patients given antibiotics for coughs and colds has risen by 40% in just over a decade. The research, which focused on 500 UK GP practices, discovered that 36% of patients were prescribed antibiotics for these symptoms in 1999, rising to 51% […]

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Compensation for cosmetic surgery; the dangers of seagull surgeons

by Wright Hassall October 8, 2014 Clinical medical negligence

Pearl Richman was awarded more than £43,000 in compensation after her life was ‘almost ruined’ by a procedure carried out in 2010. After the operation, the 69-year-old developed necrosis – a form of cell injury which results in the premature death of skin cells – and was left with open flesh wounds. But despite a […]

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New Hampshire House Considers Bill on Legalizing Marijuana This Month

by Justin Shepherd January 14, 2014 Criminal Defence Lawyers

When Will Marijuana Become Legal in New Hampshire? This week the New Hampshire House will consider the bill on whether to legalize up to 1 ounce of marijuana for ages 21 and older for recreational use. Supporters are proposing to tax the drug when sold at a retail rate of $30 per ounce. In addition, […]

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Biomedical Engineering Expert Witness Testimony Reveals Motivation for Johnson & Johnson to Confirm a Reported $4 Billion Settlement

by theexpertinstitute November 21, 2013 Health Law

Johnson & Johnson will likely pay $4 billion dollars to settle thousands of lawsuits over its DePuy Orthaepedics artificial hip implants – known as the A.S.R., or Articular Surface Replacement. In August 2010, Johnson & Johnson recalled 93,000 defective implants used in total hip arthroplasty surgeries , including 37,000 in the U.S., after evidence emerged […]

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Avoiding Medical Malpractice Suits

by Lauren Ray November 12, 2013 Medical Law

As a doctor, one of the worst strings of words you can hear is “medical malpractice suit.” But how can you protect yourself from ever having to hear them? Aside from the obvious, be a perfect doctor and heal everyone who comes into your office, the lines might be a little blurred. A few things […]

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High Care Quality Must Become a NHS Norm

by barlowrobbins October 30, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

Since the £20 billion NHS cuts came into effect in 2009, it’s hardly surprising that the NHS has become a shadow of its former self. Considering the fact that 65% of the NHS budget is spent on staffing our hospitals and medical centres, no-one will be shocked to hear that the amount of nurses-per-patients has […]

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What Makes You Eligible to Claim for Medical Negligence?

by Ben Isaacs October 24, 2013 Claims Solicitors

Although the standard of healthcare in the UK is extremely high, and the NHS is something which we have long been proud of, regrettably things do sometimes go wrong, and the level of care given slips. For those who have experienced harm at the hands of a trusted healthcare practitioner – NHS or private – […]

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Are Mirena Birth Control Lawsuit Trials On the Horizon?

by RodneyW October 24, 2013 Blawg

Hundreds of Mirena IUD birth control cases have been filed across the country, with the first trials expected in 2015.  Thousands more of these cases may be filed in the future. The discovery process has begun in Mirena birth control lawsuits filed in federal courts and in New Jersey state courts.  The first trial dates […]

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Caudia Equina Syndrome and claiming medical negligence compensation

by Tim Bishop October 15, 2013 Medical Law

Just below the lowest point of the spine there is a bunch of nerve endings called the Caudia equina ( latin for ‘horse tail’). When these nerve fibres are squeezed caudia equina syndrome (CES) can result which can be triggered by a number of points, for example: • The main disc experiences a prolapse • […]

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Dealing with a Disability: How to Ensure You Are Getting the Right Help

by Lilly September 23, 2013 Medical Law

Do you have celiac disease? These days, it seems that more and more people are suffering from the gluten sensitivity disorder. Although most people (and employers) think of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covering issues like wheelchair access and handicapped-accessible bathrooms, the act actually covers a lot more issues- even celiac disease. How does […]

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