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Depression After A Car Accident

by Andrew Miller July 31, 2013 Accident Claims

On our busy roadways, thousands of car accidents occur on a daily basis.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the chances of being involved in an accident, at least once, in your life is highly probable, especially considering the statistics.  Every 12 minutes someone dies in a motor vehicle crash, every 10 […]

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Common Causes of a Rollover Accident & How to File a Claim

by Lisa Coleman July 24, 2013 Accident Claims

You may have every confidence in your car and never expect it to fail you. You probably think nothing of driving it to its maximum potential and cruising down the highway as you run errands or go to work. However, it can still succumb to common causes of traffic accidents. In fact, no vehicle is […]

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Mass Transit Accidents: Who’s Liable and How to Handle a Claim

by Ladyblogger July 20, 2013 Accident Claims

Mass transit accidents can be complicated cases when many individuals are involved. Of course, even those accidents with just one victim apply as well. It is important to understand that the claimant must able to prove in court that the accident occurred due to the fault of the mass transit agency. Cases can be adjudicated […]

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The consequences of an injury when working at height

by Tim Bishop July 17, 2013 Accident Claims

The average human body is usually robust and resilient enough to survive the physical knocks and bumps to be expected in life relatively unscathed. However falls from height in course of employment are unfortunately of a different magnitude altogether and usually not expected – and the combination of the initial shock, the fall distance and […]

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Claiming compensation for a broken thigh

by Tim Bishop July 2, 2013 Accident Claims

No single bone in the human body is bigger or stronger than the femur, the bone in the thigh. In order to break this particular bone, an enormous amount of force is needed and it is therefore unsurprising that the most common caused of femur fractures are road traffic accidents which can cause blunt trauma […]

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Driving Under Adverse Weather Conditions

by Andrew Miller June 28, 2013 Accident Claims

Thousands of car accidents occur each day in the U.S. as a result of various circumstances and weather conditions.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2010, 32,885 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes in the United States; that’s approximately, on average, 100 people per day.  The weather often controls and […]

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Different Comparative Negligence Laws Explained

by Peter Park June 25, 2013 Accident Claims

What happens if both plaintiff and defendant are at faulty but perhaps at a varying degree?  Who becomes liable for the plaintiff’s injury?  Or will they both be liable?  These questions led different state legislators to come up with different negligence rules to determine who should recover and how much.  Many states have different comparative […]

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Car Accidents: Inspirational Survival Stories

by Andrew Miller June 21, 2013 Accident Claims

Distracted driving, drunken driving and plain reckless driving take thousands of lives every year. There are also those situations where no one is to blame for having been in an accident and those can be some of the most difficult of all to understand, given that they are just random events. Some car accident stories […]

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Eggshells and Plaintiffs?: The “Eggshell Plaintiff”

by jmachie June 20, 2013 Accident Claims

An eggshell is the hard covering that protects eggs. We crack it to scramble eggs or to eat eggs that have already been boiled. And, eggshells are easy to crack due to their chemical make-up, too. Plaintiffs are the people who file lawsuits. Depending on the area of the law the lawsuit is filed in, […]

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What Is Misdemeanor And How Many Types It Has?

by callygreene June 15, 2013 Accident Claims

Misdemeanors in a Nutshell Misdemeanors refer to less considerable kinds of criminal acts that are recognized and punishable by typical legal or lawful systems across the globe. However and still, the definitions or extremes of the actions that are considered as misdemeanors would essentially vary based on your locality or your country. Particularly, such definitions […]

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Auto Accident: Is it Wise to Handle the Case on Your Own?

by Lisa Coleman June 14, 2013 Accident Claims

The straight and simple answer to this question, “Is it wise to handle your own case after an accident,” is No, and there are several reasons supporting this position. Insurance adjusters are professional negotiators. A novice victim of an automobile accident is rarely a match for an insurance company employee who has been trained in […]

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How to Measure Impact and Loss after Traumatic Brain Injury

by doreenbertrand June 5, 2013 Accident Claims

Did you know that according to data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there were more than 1.7 million Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) in the United States alone in 2012? While many believe that the largest number of this type of injury occurs during automobile accidents, the highest number of serious TBI’s are sustained […]

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Big Trucks and Dangerous Lane Changes: Who’s Responsible if They Don’t See You?

by annbailey May 25, 2013 Accident Claims

Millions of motor vehicle collisions occur every year in the United States. Most of these involve few, if any, injuries. However, when there is a significant size disparity between two vehicles, motorists can be severely injured. When a motor vehicle collides with a truck, the insurer of the at-fault party will be liable for damages; […]

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Dangerous Roadways: When Bad Roads Cause Accidents

by ShelbyW May 24, 2013 Accident Claims

Despite the best efforts of engineers and construction contractors, errors continue to occur in the design, development, construction and maintenance of our nation’s roads, highways and freeways. However, manufacturers and various government bodies are all required to do their part to protect the roads and promote traffic safety. Government entities are the parties largely responsible […]

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Top Causes of Accidental Deaths in the US

by RyanD May 21, 2013 Accident Claims

Accidents, as they say, happen. Luckily, most accidents result in bumps and bruises or the occasional set of stitches. But sometimes accidents turn into tragedies and result in accidental death. There are five types of events that most frequently cause accidental deaths. With some knowledge and proper planning, ideally you can avoid these accidents. Fires According to […]

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DIY Disasters

by Andrew Miller May 20, 2013 Accident Claims

Starting a do-it-yourself project can be very exciting and it can feel exhilarating to put your skills to the test. Unfortunately, however, there are many common do-it-yourself disasters that are associated with these projects. Before getting involved in any do-it-yourself project, carefully evaluate the full extent of the project, the materials needed, and any necessary […]

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When does another drink become too much to drive?

by RyanD May 9, 2013 Accident Claims

Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense in nearly every part of the world. Unfortunately, drinking is one of the most popular social activities among adults across the globe as well. This combination leads to many DUI arrests and accidents that could have been avoided if some simple precautions were […]

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The Jackson reforms in a nutshell

by John Hirst May 2, 2013 Accident Claims

April 2013 was a month to forget for many lawyers due to arguably the most radical changes to the Civil Procedure Rules since 1998. In January 2010 Lord Justice Jackson published his “Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Final Report” which contained a number of recommendations to reform civil litigation both generally and in relation to […]

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Dublin City Council pays out nearly €2.5m in compensation to staff injured at work

by tom-83 May 1, 2013 Accident Claims

Dublin City Council has paid out nearly €2.5 million in compensation in the last three years  to staff who were injured at work. Figures released this month by the council, Ireland´s largest local authority, revealed that a total of €2,392,455 had been paid out in personal injury settlements to council employees. In 2012, Dublin City […]

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Car Seat Safety Mistakes Most Parents Make

by Andrew Miller April 28, 2013 Accident Claims

Having a baby is perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences that life has to offer. Unfortunately, transporting newborns—and for that matter, children of any age—can often prove to be quite difficult. Despite their best efforts, most parents still make a number of potentially fatal errors when it comes to the use of a car […]

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Does a Waiver Excuse a Business from Medical Claim?

by RyanD April 28, 2013 Accident Claims

Businesses use a waiver/release contract to try and eliminate the possibility of a lawsuit in the event a customer gets hurt participating in the company sponsored activity. Anyone who has rented a jet ski or boat has probably been asked to sign a waiver release stating they would not hold the company responsible if they […]

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The Role of Medical Care & Documentation in Workers’ Comp Claims

by Molly P. April 18, 2013 Accident Claims

Being injured while on the job can be a very disheartening occurrence. The thought of a person being prevented from earning money by being injured at the place that they earn that money is sometimes more than some can deal with. Luckily, workers’ compensation insurance, in most cases, takes care of people injured while at […]

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Thinking about Making a Claim? Advice from Personal Injury Solicitors Norfolk

by GordonDean April 16, 2013 Accident Claims

The personal Injury Solicitors of Norfolk are here to make sure that if you have an accident or suffer an injury that wasn’t your fault, and could have been avoided through due responsibility from a third party, that you are appropriately compensated. I’m a personal injury solicitor from Norfolk and I believe it is your […]

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You Can’t Sue Mother Nature, but that Doesn’t Stop Some

by Law Guru April 4, 2013 Accident Claims

From snowstorms, sinkholes, and earthquakes to tornadoes, thunderstorms and hurricanes, natural disasters happen around the globe. Some are unpredictable and strike without warning, but even those that are anticipated, thanks to meteorological technologies, can have incredibly devastating effects, often worse than predicted. It’s understandable and even justified when a person decides to take legal action […]

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5 Things to Do To Improve Automotive Safety before Getting in the Car

by JacobLittleDigirank April 1, 2013 Accident Claims

It’s no secret that we are all aware of the steps we can take while driving to improve our safety. Slowing down, taking more consideration and giving people more space can all reduce the amount of accidents on our roads. But what if, before we get in the car, we do more to make sure […]

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