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Preserving Evidence after an Auto Accident

by lawfirm March 29, 2013 Accident Claims

If you have suffered an auto accident because of someone else’s negligence, and have received severe injuries as a result, you may have the right to file an auto accident claim. However, in order to file the claim and to win compensation, you would first need to gather enough evidence to show that the accident […]

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Legal liability for car accidents

by Sean M. Cleary March 2, 2013 Accident Claims

Teen couple victim of reckless driving February 26, 2013 Old Melbourne Highway was the scene of a tragic car accident. Rachel Price, 18 and her boyfriend Jamaree Cook, 19 were travelling from a visit home back to college passing through St. Cloud. Just east of St. Cloud a 2002 Ford pickup cut in front of […]

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Social Media Can Improve Workplace Safety

by goose575 February 27, 2013 Accident Claims

State and Federal Occupational Safety and Health agencies are used to taking numerous claims of workplace safety violations. While these are predominantly in blue collar fields like manufacturing and construction, there are certainly unsafe office environments, such as during renovations or electrical repairs. There were three million reported cases of workplace injury or illness in […]

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How To Respond When Auto Accidents Happen

by gclatworthy February 26, 2013 Accident Claims

[US law and general] Any motorists who are involved in an automobile accident have a legal requirement to stop their vehicle and assess the damage. All states have legal protocol in this process, but states such as Florida require strict compliance. Hit-run-drivers automatically lose their driving privileges for at least a year, depending on the […]

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Aviation Accident Statistics for 2012

by Andrew Miller January 30, 2013 Accident Claims

Aerophobia is a fear of flying that is believed to affect almost a quarter of the population, some to a higher degree than others, and a lot of that fear can be linked back to the belief that flying in a plane is dangerous. It’s not hard to believe that aviation accidents are common when […]

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Can a Victim of Negligence Recover Damages Even When Partly At Fault?

by Illinoisinjurylawyer January 24, 2013 Accident Claims

There are many instances in which more than one person’s negligence is responsible for an accident that results in physical injury or death. But what if the victim’s own careless actions were partly to blame? Can he or she still recover damages? In Illinois, the answer is “maybe”. The Old Rule – Contributory Negligence The […]

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Pedestrian Safety

by RyanD January 24, 2013 Accident Claims

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 300 people are treated for pedestrian related injuries every day. With that in mind, getting across a busy street to your favorite restaurant may be a lot more perilous than you might think! The truth of the matter is that despite laws in effect […]

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Why Underinsured and Uninsured Auto Insurance Is Important

by Michael R. Casper January 23, 2013 Accident Claims

If you are like most Americans, you pay your car insurance each month to make sure that you and your family is protected if there is ever an auto accident. But, believe it or not, there are a growing number of motorists that are not insured at all, or inadequately insured that take to the […]

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How to Claim Holiday Accident Compensation

by JacobLittleDigirank January 6, 2013 Accident Claims

We are all afraid of the scenario of having to claim holiday accident compensation – but if you do, it’s vital to be aware of your rights and the law before any proceedings start. If you’ve been injured on holiday and someone else is to blame, legally you may be able to claim if the […]

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The Dangers of Crane Collapse

by CarlosSantiago January 5, 2013 Accident Claims

(US Law) Construction sites are often equipped with a wide range of different forms of equipment and have safety protocols in place in order to ensure the well-being of workers and all those who may come into contact with the site. Both legal requirements and the self-interest of those in charge of construction projects often […]

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Will Increase to 85 MPH Bring More Harm Than Good?

by hshipp December 3, 2012 Accident Claims

(Guest post regarding speed limits in Houston) The question of increasing the speed limit to 85 MPH is on the table. It is clear that modern technology has allowed automobile manufacturers to build much safer and faster vehicles within the past two decades, but is the notion of increasing the speed limit based on vehicle […]

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Is Confined Space Training Applicable In Your Workplace?

by BritanniaSafety November 22, 2012 Accident Claims

The Health and Safety Executive recently released their annual statistics showing that fatal accidents in the work place are steadily declining again (after a rise in 2010/11). A provisional figure for the number of workers fatally injured in 2011/12 is 173. Although this figure could be attributable to a number of causes it is worth […]

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Reckless Driving Accidents

by clarklawoffice November 10, 2012 Accident Claims

Have you suffered Injuries as a Result of Another Driver’s Reckless Driving? (US law and generally) Auto accidents result in serious injury and sometimes even death if the accident is particularly bad. In most cases, the accident could have easily been avoided if both drivers were paying more attention and driving defensively.  While not all […]

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When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

by Michael R. Casper November 7, 2012 Accident Claims

There are many reasons that people require the services of a lawyer. In some instances, like wanting to sue someone or being injured on the job, it is easy to know that you need someone to help you through the legal process. But there are other situations where one might not be sure if you can represent […]

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What to Do After You Have Been in a Car Accident

by Michael R. Casper November 6, 2012 Accident Claims

Even the most cautious individuals will more than likely experience a car accident at some point in their life.  No matter how minor the accident may be, you need to know what to do if you find yourself in this situation. 1) Stop the vehicle: When you are in an accident, stop your vehicle right […]

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Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween

by CarlosSantiago October 28, 2012 Accident Claims

(US Law) Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year for people of all ages, but especially for children who get to dress up in costumes and go door to door trick-or-treating. And while Halloween is a night of pretend magic and horror, it can turn into a real nightmare if you […]

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Calculating Auto Injury Settlement Claims with an Online Calculator

by Troy Williams October 19, 2012 Accident Claims

Working Out an Approximate Answer to Injury Claims Let’s face it we live in a world of blame. Where there is blame there is a claim. That’s what we hear consistently. It could be a simple dog bite, an angry punch from the neighbour, auto accident, whiplash injury or indeed anything that causes us to […]

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Personal Injury Claims Following a Road Traffic Accident

by GuestBlogger October 17, 2012 Accident Claims

One of the most traumatising things that can happen to a person is to be involved in a road traffic accident, even if it is only minor. However, should you incur an injury through a road traffic accident and it was not your fault you may be able to claim compensation. Although it may not […]

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OHSAS 18001 Helping to Reduce Occupational Personal Injuries

by QMSInt October 16, 2012 Accident Claims

The personal injury industry is big business in the UK. Following the legalisation of referral fees by the previous Labour government, the market is on the verge of spiralling out of control with a net worth of around £1.8 billion pounds annually for solicitors. Businesses are now taking more conscious steps to crack down on […]

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What Health and Safety Legislation Do You Have to be Aware of on a Construction Site?

by BritanniaSafety October 15, 2012 Accident Claims

With the construction industry registered as ‘high risk’ by the HSE a good foundation for construction health and safety training on any site is extremely important. The industry only accounts for around 5% of Britain’s working population but 27% of all fatal injuries to employees and 9% of reported major injuries. There are strict health […]

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Injured on Your Construction Site: What Now?

by Ladyblogger October 7, 2012 Accident Claims

Industry statistics state that 10 percent of all construction workers will be involved in an accident every year. Due to this relatively high probability, it is essential for construction workers to understand both how to protect themselves from an injury and how to get their needs taken care of if they are injured. Some employees […]

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Know Your Chance Of Being Compensated for an Accident on Vacation

by garrypullman October 6, 2012 Accident Claims

Suffering from injuries without any fault of your own during a vacation might be unfortunate and completely in contradiction to everything that you were looking forward to but such incidents are not rare. Several hundred of the UK citizens suffer from such unwanted situations every year and sometimes such incidents are life changing, even fatal. […]

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Scarring From Dog Bites Can Leaving A Lasting Impact

by goose575 October 4, 2012 Accident Claims

For victims of dog bite attacks, the initial pain and trauma of the actual attack may just be the beginning of their ordeal. Although many bites and scratches may be treated and mended, the scars they leave behind can leave a permanent reminder for the victim of the attack. These scars can be disfiguring in […]

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Your Rights After a Boat Accident

by Katie Hewatt September 21, 2012 Accident Claims

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, there were over 4,500 recreational boating accidents in 2011. These accidents resulted in thousands of physical injuries, hundreds of deaths, and over $50 million dollars in damages to people and property. Boating accidents, like car accidents, are often a result of negligence on the part of the vehicle operators, […]

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Personal Injury Claims Scotland: Top 10 Tips

by Lawford Kidd September 3, 2012 Accident Claims

Useful Scottish personal injury claims law blog post from injury lawyers Lawford Kidd outlining the top 10 tips for making an accident claim in Scotland to allow you to claim maximum compensation and avoid a stressful experience. If you need confidential/impartial legal advice contact this site’s editor Gavin here. 1. DO Provide your doctor with […]

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