Are we turning our backs on the elderly?

by Ralli on May 10, 2012

Paula Bridge - Personal Injury ConsultantPaula Bridge,  Head of Clinical Negligence, Ralli
The Daily Mail reported recently that campaigners are pleading with the Coalition to not turn their backs on the elderly and the OAP care crisis.

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If we are not careful we are going to be remembered as the generation that turned our backs on our elderly.

The whole system is in need of reform as the latest wave of horror stories to emerge has proved. Whether we are considering the allegations of abuse, training of staff or grades of pay for care workers or the difficult question of funding of care whether private and/or state.

We as a firm have recently been involved in whistle blowing regarding a care home where regular episodes of abuse were occurring as a result of a care worker who had mental issues of his own, and at the other end of the spectrum we are helping clients to plan for the future so they can enjoy life today rather than worrying what may happen in the future.

It is not fair to deprive our elderly of living life now whilst they have some degree of quality purely because they are so worried about what may happen to them in the future, and whether they can afford to fund a better standard of life in the years to come.

This is an issue for everyone, we all have elderly parents, relatives or friends who are being affected by the current system and we all need to step up to our social responsibility to look after and protect our elderly and to ensure they do not become the forgotten generation.

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