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Why are Antibiotics on the Rise?

by John Pollitt October 14, 2014 Law

According to a recent study by University College London and Public Health England, the proportion of patients given antibiotics for coughs and colds has risen by 40% in just over a decade. The research, which focused on 500 UK GP practices, discovered that 36% of patients were prescribed antibiotics for these symptoms in 1999, rising to 51% […]

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Solicitor’s negligence – has loss been caused by the breach?

by Wright Hassall September 24, 2014 Professional Negligence

The Court has recently given judgment in Hirtenstein v Hill Dickinson, a case which considered whether a solicitor had been negligent when acting on the purchase of a super yacht.  The case provides another example of the need for bad advice to have actually caused loss.  In this case the solicitor was unprotected by the […]

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The Utterant Comic: Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

by The Utterant November 4, 2013 Blawg

A comic about the inventor of the duty of care in negligence… drawn by the Utterant. The Utterant’s legal cartoons are published every Monday here and at

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Can I make a professional negligence claim against my financial advisor?

by Tim Bishop September 8, 2013 Professional Negligence

Due to the high numbers of financial services and investment opportunities on offer in the market place today, many people choose to use the services of a financial adviser -often an independent financial adviser or IFA, though some preferred to stick with advisers who are tied to a particular financial institution or bank – which […]

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Wrong Woman Interred after Inglewood Funeral Home Negligence

by Bisnar Chase March 15, 2013 Professional Negligence

A Los Angeles family ended up burying the wrong woman after an Inglewood mortuary allegedly mixed up their loved one with someone else. CBS Los Angeles reports that the family members and friends of 82-year-old Darlene Davidson thought they attended her funeral and burial on March 1, 2013. However, days later, they found out that […]

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Nursing Home To Pay $23 Million in Wrongful Death and Elder Abuse Lawsuit

by Bisnar Chase March 15, 2013 Professional Negligence

A Sacramento Superior Court jury slammed the Emeritus Corp. for $23 million in punitive damages in connection with a wrongful death and elder abuse lawsuit filed and won by the family of an elderly Alzheimer’s patient who died after spending three months in one of the company’s assisted living facilities in Auburn, California. According to […]

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Breach of Trust – AIB v Mark Redler & Co

by Mo Afzal February 13, 2013 Professional Negligence

The Court of Appeal has given further clarification on breach of trust claims brought against solicitors by lenders. In AIB v Mark Redler & Co, the solicitors were negligent in acting for AIB on a remortgage advance of £3.3 million. The solicitors had failed to obtain a redemption figure for the borrowers’ second loan account […]

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What Is Professional Negligence?

by emmadigirank January 29, 2013 Professional Negligence

You can claim for professional negligence if you believe a professional service you trusted has breached their duty of care. Financial loss, poor service standards and poor advice all fall under this category, allowing you the right to claim compensation. A good service is important and solicitors can help tackle those professionals who are not […]

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Is Confined Space Training Applicable In Your Workplace?

by BritanniaSafety November 22, 2012 Accident Claims

The Health and Safety Executive recently released their annual statistics showing that fatal accidents in the work place are steadily declining again (after a rise in 2010/11). A provisional figure for the number of workers fatally injured in 2011/12 is 173. Although this figure could be attributable to a number of causes it is worth […]

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Do You Really Need a Lawyer? Insight on the Necessity of Legal Assistance

by edralyn November 2, 2012 Data Protection Law

When Edmonton residents find themselves in a situation that requires them to go to court, they often wonder whether it’s really necessary to get legal help. Perhaps it’s because of the financial obligation involved, or because they are downplaying the seriousness of the situation and not understanding the full impact. In most cases, the outcome […]

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