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What your estate agents doesn’t want you to know.

by EssRitcher December 5, 2013 Property

Estate agents get a bad press; from economical use of the truth – “compact and bijoux” for “poky”, for example – to pushy behaviour to get you to sign on the dotted line, they’re about as popular as the traffic warden with anyone trying to buy or sell a property. However, there are aspects of […]

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Dream home; legal nightmare

by Terry W November 29, 2013 Property

Low house prices and competitive mortgage rates mean it’s a great time to buy property, whether you are working your way onto the property ladder or expanding your existing portfolio. Terry from Carnabys will tell you that it is all too easy to overlook some of the legal issues which can turn your dream house […]

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Why Water Damage Coverage is Important

by RyanD November 3, 2013 Property Law

Water damage in the home can be expensive, and often leaves homeowners devastated as they end up with costly repair bills. If you have flood insurance, you may think you are protected from water damage: unfortunately, these policies only cover a small spectrum of water damage problems. Many homeowners and renters do not realize that […]

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Blog – Lending at an ultimate high

by EdwardHandsandLewis November 1, 2013 Blawg

By Jenna Mistry Latest figures have shown Mortgage Lenders are financing the largest house spree in the last five years. The Council of Mortgage Lenders has suggested first time buyer mortgage lending has also increased by almost a third within the past 12 months. This increase has come about even before the second phase of […]

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Calling All Tenants: Here are Your Rights

by J-Snow October 1, 2013 Property Law

(US property law) If you’re renting, you have a lot of rights you may not realize. Each state has different laws, and because of that, it can get confusing. However, there are some pretty basic rights you have, no matter where you call home. Right Against Discrimination Image via Flickr by U.S. Mission Uganda Your landlord […]

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Renovating a Home? Legal Considerations for Lead Safety

by Ladyblogger September 27, 2013 Property Law

Renovating a home can be a fun project to undertake. Many individuals handle minor renovations or pre-renovation themselves, but there’s undoubtedly a necessity to bring in professionals for certain tasks. Regardless of how a renovation is handled, however, it’s essential to follow all of an area’s local laws. This includes properly handling lead-based paint hazards, […]

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Property litigation: how to avoid it

by Dewar Hogan September 16, 2013 Property Law

Contractual disputes, adverse possession, dilapidations and boundary disagreements. Just uttering these phrases is enough to strike fear into the heart of any commercial property management company. However, with so much capital and rights of parties hanging in the balance, the whole area of property management can be a potential legal minefield. An otherwise rewarding profession […]

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What does warrant for restitution mean for the eviction process?

by propertyreclaim August 29, 2013 Property

A key element of property law, rental agreements are generally excellent for both parties, particularly when you choose your tenants carefully. Choosing your tenants is the most important thing you will do as a landlord. Many landlords will not accept housing-benefit claimants because if legal action became necessary, the landlord would not have the option […]

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Buying a house? Learn about conveyancing.

by Paul Whitaker August 27, 2013 Conveyancing

Whether you are buying your first house or have already been through the process, it can be a daunting and time-consuming experience. You want to be reassured that your legal team will identify any potential problems early and deal with them quickly. One part of the process that often takes a frustratingly long time is […]

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Most Common Contractual Disputes

by Best Solicitors August 26, 2013 Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Contract Law is one of the biggest areas of law and penetrates all aspects of our lives –from commercial dealings and employment law, to credit agreements and consumer purchases. The formation of a contract is always the same – an offer is made, then once an agreement is reached the acceptance takes place, consideration is […]

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