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What is SDLT?

by EdwardHandsandLewis July 30, 2013 Blawg

By Sarah Hailes Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is usually paid when property or land is purchased or transferred in the UK. The amount that is paid for the property will establish how much, if any SDLT is to be paid. The value however, can vary depending on whether the property is residential, freehold, leasehold. […]

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The Right to Manage – is it always all it’s cracked up to be?

by Tim Bishop July 23, 2013 Property Law

The right to manage [or RTM] can, and does, work well in certain cases – but it has its downsides…. some of the problem issues commonly experienced in practice include; • the RTM Company has no source of income other than service charges it collects which are held on trust for the lessees • whilst […]

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U.S. Consumer Bureau Plans to Crackdown on Abusive Debt Collectors

by Adam J Krohn July 18, 2013 Blawging

(First published at There are more than 4,500 collection firms in the United States.  While many debt collectors follow the rules laid out under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), there are others who do not because they did not fall under the FDCPA’s jurisdiction.  Debt collection complaints are common, with more complaints […]

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Evicting Tenants from Shared Houses

by propertyreclaim July 17, 2013 Property

Many landlords find themselves asking whether they can evict tenants from shared housing. They also question whether it is a different process from evicting tenants who have a single or joint tenancy. It is worth looking at this legal process and whether you can evict just one tenant from a shared house. Whether you can […]

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Conveyancing and the problems with solar panels

by Tim Bishop June 29, 2013 Conveyancing

Green energy is becoming increasingly important, and those who attempt to play their own a small part in reducing the risk of global warming by reducing their own energy consumption should be commended. However, going ‘green’ can in some cases be to the detriment of homeowners and when it comes to the long term investment […]

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Buying Property in Phuket

by Siam Legal International June 28, 2013 Property Law

Phuket belongs to the top holiday destination in Asia. This Thai island attracts tourists all over the world promoting it as an international hub in the region. This rise in tourism and strong reputation of Phuket brings a growing number of investment opportunities. Expatriates from Europe, Canada, Russia, America, so as the affluent families from […]

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Legal guide to buying a house or apartment in Germany

by Schmeilzl May 29, 2013 Guest legal blogging

Compared with the UK and the USA, relatively few Germans own their own home. To rent an apartment or even a house is much more common in Germany, especially since a tenant (lessee) is extremely well protected by German law. A landlord cannot simply terminate a residentialrental agreement but must have legitimate cause (Sec 573 […]

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Will the Energy Act 2011 affect you as a commercial landlord?

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 21, 2013 Blawg

By Eleanor Robinson The Energy Act 2011 will not come into force until 1 April 2018, but commercial landlords are advised to start planning now, or face great difficulties in the future. The Act will introduce a minimum acceptable energy level rating (currently suggested to be an E rating). Any building rated lower than this […]

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Am I talking to the right people?

by LawFirmNetwork May 20, 2013 Blawg

This is a question that I often ask myself ahead of a meeting. Try to avoid having to ask yourself the question half way though a meeting though. The Apprentice candidates on the BBC demonstrated brilliantly, the other week, how you can have a very busy diary, having wonderful conversations…… but with the wrong people.  People […]

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Quirky Patio Laws Across the US

by RyanD May 20, 2013 Property Law

Summer’s here, and it’s time to use your patio for all of your favorite hot weather activities: grilling, drinking beers, relaxing, and watching your kids play. Of course, you want to be a law-abiding citizen while you have your summer fun, so make sure to read up on some of the craziest outdoor laws and […]

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Mortgage Approval Rise

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 15, 2013 Blawg

By Kulzinder Garcha The Guardian has recently reported that mortgage approvals for house prices has risen in March after falling through winter. Bank of England have disclosed that activity is picking up for house mortgages and remortgages. Bank of England stated that 53,504 mortgage loans were approved during March whereas in February it was at […]

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Legal Issues of Owning a Condo in Thailand

by Siam Legal International May 13, 2013 Property Law

Thai Law put restrictions on foreigners upon acquiring immovable properties in Thailand. There is one form of real estate property in Thailand where foreigners are able to hold ownership: Buying condominium units. Condominium units are permitted to be sold to foreigners outright. Condominium Ownership brings a lot of issues, especially to a foreigner who secures […]

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Sunshine and blue skies – Will it last?

by LawFirmNetwork May 7, 2013 Blawg

Looking out from the offices today I see that the sun is shining and we have some glorious blue skies across Cambridgeshire.  I can only hope that it will last through to the weekend so that I can give the grass its second cut of the year. To match the great weather I saw the […]

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Real Estate Laws You May Not Know

by RyanD April 26, 2013 Property Law

Real estate laws can be a buyer or investor’s best friend or worst enemy. For this reason, it is imperative that buyers, sellers, renters, investors, and landlords fully understand the law to avoid surprises. Laws are passed by the federal legislators as well as at the state level. Laws change regularly, so it is critical […]

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Why a Deed of Trust is crucial for young couples starting on the housing ladder

by EdwardHandsandLewis April 25, 2013 Conveyancing

With the Government’s new initiatives on helping young couples start on the housing ladder, and the trend towards sharing the cost of mortgages with family or partners, it is becoming increasingly important to document what should happen if it all goes wrong.   Did one partner provide the deposit, if so should they get that […]

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Legal Considerations When Investing in Real Estate

by gclatworthy April 23, 2013 Property Law

[U.S Law and General]  Since the housing market crash in 2007, the real estate market has been perfect for investors. Home and property values are extremely low, in some areas down to half their peak value, and interest rates are below four percent. It is a buyer’s market, and it is expected to remain that […]

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Common Legal Missteps of First-Time Home Buyers

by RyanD March 20, 2013 Property

Each piece of real estate is unique, which is part of the beauty of buying a home. However, this uniqueness can also lead the unwary first-time homebuyer into making legal mistakes and increasing costs by thousands of dollars. Here are two legal mistakes to avoid when searching for your first home.   Failing to Read […]

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Legal Issues of Owning Beachfront Property

by RyanD March 14, 2013 Property

If you are a beach lover, chances are you have dreamed of owning a beachfront property. The idea of waking up in the morning to the sun rising over the ocean or walking out your door and stepping foot on the soft sand is enough to motivate you to work as hard as possible to […]

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Federal Duties of Landlords in the U.S.

by RyanD February 27, 2013 Property Law

The required duties of landlords in the U.S. are clear, multifold, and numerous. Landlords must adhere to their financial, ethical, and contractual obligations in order to serve and protect all stakeholders. Understanding their role in the property management process is the key to establishing good relationships with tenants, maximizing profits, and securing long-term success.   […]

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Adhering to Fire Safety and Risk Assessment Regulations

by BritanniaSafety January 11, 2013 Employment Law

Carrying out regular fire risk assessments and ensuring you are adhering to fire safety standards is vitally important. It may be said ‘oh it will never happen here’ but unfortunately accidents do happen and in fact in England  every year more than 88,000 buildings catch fire causing around 319 deaths and 10,000 injuries. As a […]

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Legal Issues of Investing Abroad

by RyanD December 8, 2012 International Law

A recent report by TribLive News has determined that wealthy individuals in the United States have stashed as much as $25 trillion dollars in overseas bank accounts. Options such as offshore trusts, hedge funds, and limited liability corportations allow investors to place assets in a shelter from taxes and lawsuits. While investing in offshore accounts […]

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About the Foreclosure Process

by JasonAdams December 1, 2012 Property Law

Each state has its own foreclosure laws that guide the mortgage and real estate industry. For purposes of getting an overview of the matter, it is vital to explore the general foreclosure process. Foreclosure, as defined by law, happens when the homeowner defaulted on paying periodic payments and cannot pay the said default payments resulting […]

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Breach of Contract: 4 Things to Look for In Your Next Lease

by HoulonBerman November 16, 2012 Property Law

(US law and generally) Leasing an apartment, whether it is your first or 50th time, can be stressful. The legal paperwork can seem especially complicated and leaves many renters confused about their rights. Before you sign any paperwork it is important to understand what you should be looking for in your legal papers. You should […]

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Your Legal Rights as a Tenant

by Paul November 14, 2012 Property

The constant increases in property prices throughout the UK have meant that home rental is enjoying a boost in its popularity, as those who are young or who receive lower incomes cannot afford to get their foot on the first rung of the property ladder. This puts private landlords in a very powerful position, able […]

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Legal Considerations You Should Make Before Subletting

by RyanD November 3, 2012 Property

(US law and generally) If you are renting a property, you may have the right to sublet the property if you can no longer fulfill your tenant obligations. You may also be able to sublet only one room of the apartment of the home if you cannot cover rents on your own. Subletting, also referred […]

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