Accident Claims Law

Why Should You Claim Compensation after an Injury?

by evaholmes247 December 5, 2012 Accident Claims Law

There is a notion that claiming compensation after suffering an injury at the hands of another is somehow wrong and it is frowned upon by many people. Yet there are many reasons for claiming and not all are related to money. Here are some of the benefits that can arise from an accident claim. The […]

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Will Increase to 85 MPH Bring More Harm Than Good?

by hshipp December 3, 2012 Accident Claims

(Guest post regarding speed limits in Houston) The question of increasing the speed limit to 85 MPH is on the table. It is clear that modern technology has allowed automobile manufacturers to build much safer and faster vehicles within the past two decades, but is the notion of increasing the speed limit based on vehicle […]

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