aggressive dog

Dangerous Dogs are Made not Born

by Andrew Miller November 15, 2013 Personal Injury

City after city, across the nation, are passing “Dangerous Dog” laws. Many cities, for example, don’t allow people to have pit bulls or Rottweiler’s. If you’ve ever owned either breed of dog, you know that dangerous dogs are made, not born. It’s not the breed that is dangerous, it is people that are creating dangerous […]

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How to Train an Aggressive Dog: Property Safety Measures

by Nickey March 16, 2013 Personal Injury

An aggressive dog is typically not born into this world with a mean demeanor. Whether their behavior is a result of abuse, lack of training or fear, it’s an owner’s responsibility to protect both the dog and others by finding positive ways to train them.  Be the Leader A dog respects an owner that is […]

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