aggressive driving

Aggressive Driving Experiments

by Andrew Miller August 27, 2013 Accident Claims

A car is one of the most dangerous weapons many of us will ever possess. Add aggressive driving to that equation, and the results could be fatal.  Typical aggressive driving behaviors include tailgating, lane-blocking, abruptly switching lanes, obscene gestures, defying eye contact, excessive horn use, incorrect parking, improper headlight use and even blocking traffic. Also […]

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A Look at The Difference Between Speeding and Aggressive Driving

by Ladyblogger December 25, 2012 Car Accidents

At any given time there are multiple motorists who are driving in an unsafe manner. Although speeding is tied with DUIs as the number one cause of traffic accidents in the U.S., aggressive driving is also linked to a large number of incidents. In fact, aggressive drivers are the primary cause of accidents during rush […]

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