asbestos claims

When will asbestos compensation claims become a thing of the past?

by AtriumLegal March 7, 2013 Accident Claims Law

During the 20th century asbestos was named as the wonder material. It was used mainly in the building trade owed to its near immunity to extreme temperatures. However a number of chronic and potentially fatal illnesses were soon linked to exposure to asbestos. As such the number of asbestos compensation claims have increased substantially over […]

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Increased Importance on Asbestos Training Following Law Update

by BritanniaSafety November 12, 2012 Accident Claims Law

Asbestos is a word that we’ve heard frequently in the news this year, and as a whole it has been a rather eventful year for the man-made fibre. The media hype surrounding asbestos started in March of this year (2012) when the Supreme Court ruled that liability no longer rested at the time when symptoms […]

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Asbestos risk victory for teachers

by Thompsons Solicitors November 7, 2012 Compensation Lawyers

It is great news that a campaign by teachers and unions has been successful in highlighting the need for pupils, teachers and school workers to be better protected from the potentially deadly asbestos found in a number of schools. It was reported this week that trade unionists were celebrating after a campaign by teachers pressed […]

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Insurers Slammed for Avoiding Asbestos Compensation

by jimloxley July 20, 2012 Accident Claims Law

In the past year or so, asbestos compensation claims have been increasingly appearing in the news. Around 50 years ago, the hazardous material asbestos was commonplace in British industry. Frequently used as a flame retardant in everything from race car suits to electrical cables, many workers such as electricians and mechanics would regularly be exposed to […]

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Shettleston Asbestos Scare

by Thompsons Solicitors July 4, 2012 Law

Asbestos scares are always cause for concern, but the recent news that asbestos fibres have been found in the gutters of homes near a burned out school in Shettleston is particularly worrying. It’s estimated that approximately 4,000 people die from exposure to asbestos every year, and it only takes a tiny amount of the toxic […]

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Your Guide To The UK’s Change To Asbestos Claims

by GDeanNorwich May 1, 2012 Claims Solicitors

On 28th March 2012 the Supreme Court announced a ruling that would mean that thousands of people across the UK could make insurance claims where a member of their family has died after being exposed to asbestos in the workplace. Before this ruling, there was a great deal of confusion on claims around this subject. […]

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