Does Diabetes Qualify for Disability Benefits?

by mmauer August 9, 2013 Health Law

Does Diabetes Qualify for Disability Benefits?   (US law and policy) If you are living with Diabetes (Type I or Type II) You may be eligible to receive financial aid from the Social Security Administration. If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, you are likely struggling with the disease.  Fortunately, the government provides disability benefits […]

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Helping Ease Divorce Tensions: Why Lawyers Should Partner With Life Coaches

by gclatworthy March 28, 2013 Business Development for Law Firms

Divorce is more than just a legal proceeding, it is an emotional roller coaster combined with court dates and legal documents. Divorce attorneys know how difficult it can be to have two people in the same office that feel nothing but contempt for each other. They also know how devastated their clients can be, especially […]

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Harrowing Air Rescue off California Coast

by lawblogger October 11, 2012 Law

On Sunday September 9, a single engine amphibious Cessna was flying along the California coast with a pilot and single passenger—father and son Stanley and Stanford Shaw—looking forward to arriving in British Columbia in the next several hours. The plane’s engine, however, lost power just off the central California coast near San Simeon. The two […]

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Fullerton Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

by Bisnar Chase September 19, 2012 Motorbike Accidents

Fullerton, California, in Orange County, is the home of some of the final open spaces left in southern California where motorcycle riders can take to the open road and feel they are back in the “old days” of bike riding.  The West Coyote Hills provide trails that seem to go back in time to the […]

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