benefit fraud

What to Expect if Convicted of Benefit Fraud in the UK

by Legal Author January 5, 2013 Fraud

Guest post regarding benefit fraud in the UK Committing benefit fraud can lead you to being fined or even sent to prison, so what can you expect if you are suspected or subsequently found guilty? What is Benefit Fraud? The fundamental aspects of proven benefit fraud are when you deliberately fail to report a change […]

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Benefit fraudster claiming disability allowance caught red handed when he was training his football team

by duncan12 October 7, 2012 Fraud

John Alexander, 68, a football manager who had claimed nearly £7,000 in benefits because he was ‘virtually unable to walk’ was caught playing and training with his team. John Alexander was able to claim Disability Living Allowance after telling benefit officials that he could barely able to move. But he was caught red handed when […]

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