Bicycle Safety Laws

Is Riding a Bike Safer Than Driving a Car?

by Andrew Miller October 30, 2013 Accident Claims Law

These days, our roadways are exceptionally busy—and seem to be getting busier by the day. According to the Project WNYC, the average commute time in the United States is currently around 25 minutes. It should come as no surprise, then, that more and more men and women are considering the use of bikes to get […]

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Scientific Evidence for Stricter Bicycle Safety Laws

by goose575 July 11, 2013 Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bike is something everyone enjoys, from young children to adults. Some people enjoy leisurely riding their bike on a sunny afternoon, while others rely on their bicycle as their primary method of transportation. Bicycles vs. Motor Vehicles Cyclists who are mingling with traffic, such as motor vehicles and trucks, need to take extra […]

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