bullying at work

BBC confirms that “gagging clauses” will be removed from compromise agreements

by London Compromise Agreement Solicitors May 7, 2013 Compromise Agreements

A BBC report released last week has criticized parts of the culture of the BBC and compelled the organisation to reform the manner in which it deals with complaints of – among other things – bullying and sexual harassment. The 80-page report, compiled by barrister Dinah Rose, and set up in the wake of the […]

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Bullying at work – what you can do about it

by robhawkins75 January 31, 2013 Employment Law

Employers have a legal responsibility to prevent bullying at work. But sadly, bullying can occur and take many different shapes and forms.  Bullying can happen face to face, over email, by phone and in other ways too.  And it can be hard to judge if you really are being treated in a way that is […]

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