How to Protect your Ideas with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

by Kristina.Jay November 26, 2015 Business Law

As the old saying goes, ideas are as free as the wind, but that doesn’t mean that once you’ve got a brilliant one you’ll just have to go about making it happen without any means of guarding it in the meantime. Just like copyrighting can protect the expression of an idea and patents are meant […]

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Depositions: A New Direction for New York

by ASchlossberg February 9, 2015 Administrative Law

Depositions: A New Direction for New York New York is making a significant change on the deposition front. A new deposition rule for the New York Commercial Division is on the horizon. Effective April 1, 2015, under Administrative Order 336a/14, New York courts will enact Rule 11-d of Section 202.70(g) per a December 22, 2014 […]

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Top Seven: World’s Most Bizarre Footballing Accidents

by hellen July 10, 2014 Lawyers

With the World Cup well and truly under way, like it or loathe it, football is the subject that is on everyone’s lips. No matter what you think of the Beautiful Game, you have to admit that a footballer’s life is a pretty enviable one: millions in the bank and a beautiful partner on your […]

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Is too much cash locked up in the WIP in your business ?

by ihunnings July 10, 2014 Law firm management

Is too much cash locked up in the WIP in your business ? OK, so you’re running a business. There are so many things to focus on : marketing, sales, making the product or service, getting in your resources to make/deliver it, billing, for some service firms such as lawyers and accountants building up the […]

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What All Businesses Need to Know about Security

by edralyn October 3, 2013 Business

What All Businesses Need to Know about Security You worked hard to grow your business, and now you’re overseeing a store or office full of employees. Securing your equipment, revenue, and information is probably first and foremost on your list of priorities. So how important is business security? According to the FBI, a burglary is […]

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Common Legal Issues with Off-Shoring Your Work

by RyanD August 2, 2013 Business

Companies regularly outsource different business processes, such as payroll, insurance claims, accounts payable/receivable, mortgage servicing and even tax return administration, to Foreign Service providers. This gives them the freedom to focus on other important areas of a project in which they have true expertise. Apart from the fact that there may be misuse of data […]

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Avoiding the Most Common Business Lawsuits

by edralyn July 23, 2013 Age Discrimination

These days, most small business owners understand the danger of lawsuits from the time their company is just an idea to the time it’s an office full of hundreds of employees. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, one out of every three small business is threatened or served with legal action every year. Two […]

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Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Lawsuit?

by edralyn July 9, 2013 BigLaw

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Lawsuit? For a small business owner, there’s nothing quite as scary as coming to work in the morning and finding out you’re being sued. It’s hard to put a positive spin on a lawsuit, but don’t panic. This is actually very common. According to YFS Magazine, 57 percent […]

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Common Fire Code Violations by Businesses

by RyanD June 26, 2013 Business Law

When running a business there are so many details to cover that it’s easy to overlook some of the most basic elements, such as fire safety. Without even realizing it, many businesses violate aspects of the fire code which can be dangerous for the people in the business, or result in a fine if the […]

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Costly Storm Damage: Legally Bracing Your Business for Natural Disasters

by Savannah June 22, 2013 Business

Summer is the traditional season for severe weather in some areas, and severe weather is synonymous with natural disasters. However, that has not necessarily been the case in recent history. Hurricane Sandy was clearly a weather anomaly that caught many business owners by surprise, as hurricane insurance coverage is not something often considered necessary on […]

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The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment: What You Need To Know

by Lilly June 20, 2013 Construction and Engineering

An environmental site assessment is important when it comes to constructing any building, whether it’s for business or residential purposes, and this assessment can vary greatly, depending on the city or country. Construction on a new building close to the Berlin Central Train Station was delayed in early 2013 after an unexploded WW2 bomb was found […]

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What Can an Apprenticeship Scheme do for your Organisation?

by WorkplaceLaw May 13, 2013 Business

There have been many casualties of our economy to date and certainly young people aged 16 to 24, who have been dubbed the “lost generation” of the recession, have been greatly affected. Those leaving school or graduating from university are finding precious few job opportunities on offer. When I first decided that further education wasn’t […]

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Brand Heritage_ Asset, or Liability

by edralyn May 7, 2013 Business

  Product brands are tricky. People may spend millions of dollars or more to develop and promote brands in hopes of capturing the public’s attention. And, as a blog post on the Brandchannel website warns, it’s never safe to assume that a brand’s development has reached its final stages. On the contrary, the longer a […]

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On Herding Cats, Catching Falling Water and Managing Millennials

by edralyn May 1, 2013 General Law

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the Millennial Generation or people who were born between 1981 and 2001 will make up half of the total labor force by the year 2020. No matter which sector of business you’re in, that statistic is a strong indicator of why it’s necessary to learn about […]

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How Much Public Liability Insurance Does Your Business Need?

by gclatworthy April 19, 2013 Business

Going into business for oneself is a challenging and rewarding experience, and everyday there are more Brits undertaking this exciting task. Unfortunately, owning a business isn’t just the constant influx of profit that some imagine; there are also risks involved. When employees sustain injuries, they’re usually covered under Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance, but if a […]

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Tips for Making Your Small Business Bankruptcy Proof

by Law Guru April 8, 2013 Business

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), small business bankruptcies increased from 19K in 2006 to 43K in 2008, before the economy crashed. Since small business employs more Americans than any other sector, ways to avoid financial trouble should be of paramount importance in today’s private sector. From general best practice, such as hiring a […]

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Is a Roth IRA the Best Savings Vehicle for you?

by edralyn April 5, 2013 Business

Is a Roth IRA the Best Savings Vehicle for you? If you have a bit of cash saved up and are looking to invest it to start preparing for your future, you’ve probably heard about Roth IRAs. They’ve become very common, and for many people, they’re a great choice when it comes to saving up […]

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Avoid the Legal Mess that is Bankruptcy: Find Cheap Cargo Transportation

by RyanD March 28, 2013 Business

When I first started my business, I fell for a common mistake that many new business owners fall for. I paid way too much for the transportation of my goods to vendors and other outlets. My business almost went under, and I was almost in shambles. All of a sudden I found myself fighting off […]

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Iconic Business Law Disputes in California

by RyanD March 12, 2013 Business Law

The year 2012 was important for California businesses both in the retail and the agriculture markets. The California state government rejected a bill that required food companies to label their products that contained genetically modified organisms, GMOs. It also passed a law that required online retailers like Amazon to collect California state sales tax on […]

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3 Essential Ways to Advertise Your Small Business

by edralyn March 1, 2013 Business

What makes a customer choose which companies they buy from? If you’re starting your own business, you might have already asked yourself this question. You may have even been trying to get your company off the ground for a while with no results. The answer is, of course, advertising. Advertising and building a brand for […]

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Prompt Service: Is it the Key to Customer Loyalty?

by edralyn February 22, 2013 Business

Companies from every industry are constantly involved in determining the best ways to keep customers loyal and satisfied. Social media has made it easier than ever for information to travel quickly. This is both good and bad news if you’re a business owner. On one hand, if you can consistently deliver excellent service, word will […]

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Developing a Successful Successor for your Business

by edralyn February 22, 2013 Business

You’ve done a fantastic job of setting up your new business. You wrote a successful business plan, you gathered skilled partners, and won over smart investors. You’ve set up a successful business and you’ve decided that it’s time to move on. You’re not giving up on your business, but you’re ready to start the next […]

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Lies in the Workplace: They’re More Common Than You Might Think

by jindiola February 7, 2013 Business

(Interesting article with general considerations for your workplace) According to an article on the Bloomberg Businessweek website, statistics show that the average person lies at least twice a day, and they’re not likely to avoid lapsing into that behavior at work. On a somewhat positive note, researchers have found that the majority of workplace lies […]

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Why Do I Need a Point-of-Sale System?

by edralyn February 7, 2013 Business

Is your business still using a cash register? If you’re not using a point-of-sale (PoS) system, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful tools for improving the efficiency and bottom line of your business. Some shy away from making the change because of the initial investment of time and money—but this is short […]

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Law Office Design: Furnishing Your Workspace

by Lilly January 30, 2013 Business

Establishing a new legal office is an exciting project that can truly shape the public image of your practice and shape the nature of your relationship with your clients.  Whether your legal firm has a large budget for remodeling and design, or if you are a smaller firm that wants to have a more targeted […]

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