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6 Cost and Legal Policy Considerations of BYOD

by MrMilesYoung September 19, 2013 Company Law

Employers and employees both find BYOD (“bring your own device”) an attractive concept. Employers would love to do away with the enormous monthly costs of buying, maintaining and supporting a large network of company-owned devices. Employees like the idea of choosing their own smartphones, laptops, operating systems, apps and accessories. Is this new trend right […]

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Purchasing a Business? Here are the Legal Questions You MUST Remember to Ask…

by Rose Lawyers September 12, 2013 Business

(Australian/Victorian law & generally) So you’ve decided to purchase a business – congratulations! Whether this is your first foray into business ownership or you’re adding the final piece to your empire, nothing beats that butterflies-in-the-stomach moment when you sign the lease and pick up the keys. While your mind will no doubt impatiently race straight […]

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Liability Insurance Coverage for Bodily Injury

by contactus May 1, 2013 Accident Claims Law

(US law and generally) Any business, big or small is required by law to have a liability insurance coverage. This is to protect the company from financial losses when obliged to spend for damages or injuries caused to employees while working, or to 3rd party as a result of an accident for example. By definition, […]

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Do I Need a Solicitor When I Hire Someone from Outside the EU

by evaholmes247 April 2, 2013 Business Law

If you’re a business looking to hire someone from outside the EU, you’ll need to consider getting a specialist immigration solicitor to make the process run quickly. Most businesses will be looking to hire a Tier 2 skilled worker on a Tier 2 work permit, and will need to apply for a sponsorship license, and then issue a certificate of sponsorship to the employee. Tier 5 employees can also […]

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Meeting Environmental Legislation and ISO 50001

by QMSInt October 17, 2012 Business Law

With mounting pressure from international agreements and Green movements, the importance of energy management has increased over recent years, especially as more legislation and regulations are implemented. With pollution and energy management targets to meet, there is a constant stream of new rules to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. However, which regulations are the […]

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