Clinical Negligence Solicitors

A legal guide for patients dealing with the impact of medical negligence

by LinderMyers November 14, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

Medical negligence can cause serious damage to a patient’s physical or mental health, and even result in death in the most severe circumstances. For people harmed by substandard medical care or a medical error, there is financial and medical support available to help with rehabilitation and recovery, providing victims with the opportunity to live comfortably […]

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Medical Negligence and the Failure to Advise

by Richard August 30, 2012 Clinical medical negligence

Doctors have a duty to inform patients of every risk associated to impending medical procedures to be performed on them.  Prior to any form of medical treatment, patients are often instructed on the accompanying risks to such medical treatment and patient consent is largely dependent on knowledge of these risks. An issue arises when a […]

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