Survery Says Cohabitation Before Marriage Does Not Cause Divorce

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers March 11, 2014 Family Law

According to a new scientific survey, cohabitation before marriage does not affect a couple’s prospects of getting divorced. The study was carried out by sociologist Arielle Kuperberg from the University of Carolina and involved comparing relationships using the length of time that couples had lived together before marriage, instead of the age when they moved […]

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Family Law Solicitor Ed Kitchen comments on Cohabiting Couples with Children

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers May 23, 2013 Law

The Daily Mail has today reported the findings of a study carried out by the Marriage Foundation which concludes that there is a much greater chance of parents staying together whilst their children are young if those parents are married, rather than simply living together. Apparently, among the parents of 15 year old children who […]

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