Depositions: A New Direction for New York

by ASchlossberg February 9, 2015 Administrative Law

Depositions: A New Direction for New York New York is making a significant change on the deposition front. A new deposition rule for the New York Commercial Division is on the horizon. Effective April 1, 2015, under Administrative Order 336a/14, New York courts will enact Rule 11-d of Section 202.70(g) per a December 22, 2014 […]

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The Origins of Auction Etiquette

by GuestBlogger November 19, 2012 Commercial Law

Overview Auctions offer a highly organized method to sell goods quickly while maximizing the value of the items. Complex, eloquent auction etiquette has developed over time. Today, when we think of auctions, we think of a bid-happy crowd of spectators enthusiastically watching the auctioneer, who speaks with exceptional speed and command. Though auction styles vary […]

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