commercial disputes

Dispute resolution – check your contract before rushing to a solicitor

by Wright Hassall July 24, 2014 Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Well drafted contracts usually contain a clause setting out how the parties should deal with disputes. These can be complex clauses requiring several hoops to be jumped through before anyone can issue a claim at court.  They are intended to allow the parties to deal with the dispute well before heavy legal costs are incurred. […]

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Company Deadlock – The Options

by Stephen Downie August 7, 2013 Law

Commercial disputes are an unfortunate reality of company life, made all the more challenging when faced with the unenviable situation of company deadlock. In a deadlock scenario, parties of equal standing in a company (i.e. 50:50 director shareholders) are essentially unable to make any decision on behalf of the company as neither party has the […]

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