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Could you be Taxed for your Personal Injury Compensation?

by Chris Balme June 12, 2013 Law

Sadly we appear to live in a world where almost everything is taxable, including justice. Some personal injury compensation packages including those awarded for harassment and discrimination may be subject to the taxman’s whims. Whilst physical injuries cannot legally be taxed; legal and emotional injuries may be subject to taxation with the claimant receiving only […]

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When Personal Injury Mediation Goes Wrong

by mgarcia March 21, 2013 Compensation Lawyers

When a person is involved in an accident and sustained injuries and experience emotional distress, he has the right to claim for financial compensation against the person who has caused the mishap. He can file for a personal injury lawsuit and go on a trial. However, this legal action can be expensive and may not […]

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Useful Tips Concerning Motor Vehicle Accident Compensations

by MayaJohnson March 17, 2013 Compensation Lawyers

Accidents on the road are inevitable and may happen frequently than expected. No matter how hard you try to follow road safety measures, chances for motor vehicle accidents are still high. This type of accident has to be taken seriously because it could cause fatalities and even death. Therefore, it is to be concluded that […]

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High Risk Profession? Know Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

by kelliedennie January 30, 2013 Personal Injury

America has had some tough times over the past decade, but luckily, the majority of individuals are still able to maintain a job. Unfortunately, some of these jobs aren’t the safest in the world. Many employment opportunities come with an inherent risk of danger for those who step into them. Several occupations put workers in […]

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