compromise agreements

How do I get a compromise agreement?

by Direct 2 Lawyers May 7, 2013 Compromise Agreements

This post takes a brief look at compromise agreements in employment law and, specifically, how you may be able to negotiate with your employer for/on the compromise agreement. It looks at the following issues: What is a compromise agreement? How can I get a compromise agreement? Do I need a solicitor for my compromise agreement? […]

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BBC confirms that “gagging clauses” will be removed from compromise agreements

by London Compromise Agreement Solicitors May 7, 2013 Compromise Agreements

A BBC report released last week has criticized parts of the culture of the BBC and compelled the organisation to reform the manner in which it deals with complaints of – among other things – bullying and sexual harassment. The 80-page report, compiled by barrister Dinah Rose, and set up in the wake of the […]

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The hazards of compromise agreements – what employees should be aware of

by Direct 2 Lawyers October 3, 2012 Business Law

If you’re considering entering into a compromise agreement this will waive your rights to any unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal or discrimination claim you may have (among other claims). You’ve therefore got to be careful about not undervaluing any agreement and should obtain the best legal advice possible in the circumstances. If you’re entering into a […]

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Restrictive covenants in compromise agreements

by Redmans Solicitors August 30, 2012 Compromise Agreements

Compromise agreements are commonly used to compromise potential employment litigation. In exchange for a sum of money (or some other consideration) the employee promises not to exercise their right to sue their employer for a number of things (including, among others, unfair dismissal, discrimination and breach of contract). However, employers often require that the employee […]

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