Asbestos and the Law

by RyanD September 11, 2013 Law

For many years asbestos was used in a number of residential and commercial building materials. However, scientists discovered that asbestos can lead to serious health problems like mesothelioma and lung cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided to regulate the use of asbestos to reduce health risks. The reason asbestos was widely used is due […]

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Unique Construction Laws Across the US

by RyanD September 4, 2013 Construction and Engineering

In essence, construction law is a blend of legal principles borrowed from contract law, equity law, tort law, statutory law, suretyship law, agency law and real estate law. See 1 Bruner & O’Connor Construction Law § 1:3. Particularly in recent years, construction law has become a unique and increasingly specialized field. Because construction law varies […]

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Life or Death Guidelines for Constructing a New Business Building

by Lilly August 9, 2013 Business

Constructing a new building is one of the most regulated industries out there. When it is finally time to move out of your old, run down building and have a new glorious structure built for you it can be a great time for your business. However, before you get too far into the procedure there […]

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The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment: What You Need To Know

by Lilly June 20, 2013 Construction and Engineering

An environmental site assessment is important when it comes to constructing any building, whether it’s for business or residential purposes, and this assessment can vary greatly, depending on the city or country. Construction on a new building close to the Berlin Central Train Station was delayed in early 2013 after an unexploded WW2 bomb was found […]

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Health and Safety Executive launches clampdown on construction sites

by Redmans Solicitors February 27, 2013 Employment Law

The Health and Safety Executive announced on 18 February 2013 that it would be launching a crackdown on poor health and safety practices on construction sites in Britain. Between 2011 and 2012, it is reported that 49 workers were killed on construction sites in Britain and 2,884 major injuries were reported. Philip White, HSE Chief […]

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