Ofcom concludes final wave of online copyright infringement research

by Wayne Beynon November 14, 2013 Law

The final wave of the Ofcom Online Copyright Infringement Tracker covering March – May 2013 has been published. The latest report, which has been funded by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and undertaken by Kantar Media, follows on from the previous studies: Wave 1 (May – July 2012), Wave 2 (Aug – Oct 2012) […]

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Before you share your idea with the world

by Wadeson September 17, 2013 Intellectual Property

Naturally, when you have an idea you want to share it with the world, whether that be to run it by potential customers or begin talks with potential suppliers. Unfortunately rights can be lost and others’ rights infringed when an idea is shared, so a little time and good advice before proceeding can save a […]

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Laws Bloggers Need to Know

by Lilly June 19, 2013 Blogging

Blogging is a widely used method for everyday people to share their writing, projects, thoughts, and ideas. It is so incredibly easy to get a blog up and going that it can almost seem as if there are no restrictions or limitations on those who call themselves bloggers. This common misconception can lead to a […]

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YouTube Videos: What Fair Use Laws Mean

by Jason April 18, 2013 Copyright Law

(Mainly based on US copyright laws) Although YouTube is an amazing platform for social activity and gaining the approval of the public, it is also subjected to a wide variety of copyright infringement practices. Users are suspended and videos are banned on a regular basis as many people use copyrighted materials to make their videos. […]

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Protect Yourself When Allowing User Generated Content On Your Website

by Richard Chapo April 7, 2013 Business Law

The trend with websites these days is to maximize interaction with visitors. This interaction often takes the form of allowing users to upload text, photos, videos and other content. In taking this step, it is vital you understand legal issues surrounding user generated content and protect yourself. Copyright/DMCA It is the rare website owner who […]

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A Look at Online Copyright Issues Faced By Artists

by gclatworthy December 23, 2012 IP & Technology

[US Law and General] In the past, copyright laws in the United States were fairly clear. Essentially, an artist who created something, whether it be art, a piece of music or an idea, was protected from the moment of creation against others taking the piece and claiming ownership without paying. Unfortunately, for many artists, the […]

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