Copyright Law

Techno Publishing, E-Royalties & Rights

by James Scott September 2, 2013 Copyright Law

Royalties and the legalities of publishing is a subject which most people know little of – that is until they try to venture into a publication of their own. Publication of books and articles has long had the attributes of bringing in some capital as issues are sold. However technology has given book publication a […]

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5 Copyright Traps You Never Knew About

by Legal Author June 24, 2013 Copyright Law

credit: MrGluSniffer Copyright law can be a brutal and mercenary field. Intellectual property holders are constantly in a struggle to protect their content from unauthorized sharing or duplication by third parties, and an ever-expanding arsenal has developed to combat the eroding of IP rights. One of the lesser-known weapons in this arsenal is the “copyright […]

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A Look at Online Copyright Issues Faced By Artists

by gclatworthy December 23, 2012 IP & Technology

[US Law and General] In the past, copyright laws in the United States were fairly clear. Essentially, an artist who created something, whether it be art, a piece of music or an idea, was protected from the moment of creation against others taking the piece and claiming ownership without paying. Unfortunately, for many artists, the […]

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Will copyright’s first sale doctrine deter the American Consumer?

by shotce October 27, 2012 Copyright Law

On October 29, 2012, the US Supreme Court will decide the case Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., that could forever change the way the US consumers buy and sell goods made outside of the US.  In the US, we are free to sell just about anything–whether on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, the thrift shop, […]

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