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Jesse Jackson, Jr. and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

by ParkmanLawFirm August 28, 2013 Criminal Law

Former Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. was recently sentenced at a federal courthouse for one count of conspiracy to mis-use campaign funds. With Mr. Jackson, Jr. having pleaded guilty earlier this year, most of the recent work done by his lawyers had to do with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. The Guidelines are used in almost all […]

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What Is Misdemeanor And How Many Types It Has?

by callygreene June 15, 2013 Accident Claims

Misdemeanors in a Nutshell Misdemeanors refer to less considerable kinds of criminal acts that are recognized and punishable by typical legal or lawful systems across the globe. However and still, the definitions or extremes of the actions that are considered as misdemeanors would essentially vary based on your locality or your country. Particularly, such definitions […]

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Should the Feds Lower the Blood-Alcohol Level for DWI Arrest?

by KellyK June 11, 2013 Criminal Law

During the past two decades each state in the United States has reduced the blood alcohol content level for legally impaired driving to .08. This was done in concert with a drive by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers to reduce the level from a traditional .14 BAC, which was in place for many years. The capacity […]

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Why Juvenile Probation is More Effective Than Incarceration

by edralyn February 13, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

Why Juvenile Probation is More Effective than Incarceration It’s a sad truth that criminal offenders are getting younger each year, putting more of a strain on the legal system than at any other time in history. Probation is often the sentence handed down for many of these young criminals. Sentencing youthful offenders to probation instead […]

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3 Major Consequences of DUI–Ditch the Booze and Drive Sober!

by edralyn October 18, 2012 Accident Claims Law

Being convicted of DUI can be easier than you think. Even if you don’t feel drunk, there’s the chance that the cop who pulls you over will disagree. Here’s the good news: Being convicted of DUI is also easy to avoid! It’s as simple as finding yourself a designated driver or simply choosing not to […]

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Becoming a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Scotland

by Legal Author December 11, 2010 Law

Criminal defence solicitors in Scotland advise and represent clients through all stages of criminal prosecution. Clients may be accused or even suspected of one or more of the following Scottish crimes:-

Crimes & Criminal Law in Scotland

* Crimes in Scotland include the following:-
* Breach of the Peace;
* Assault;
* Theft;
* Fraud;
* Rape or other sexual offences;
* Murder or culpable homicide (manslaughter in England);
* Inchoate or “attempted” crimes; and
* Road traffic offences

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