Criminal Justice

10 Federal Investigative Agencies and Their Responsibilities.

by fara June 18, 2013 Law

10 Federal Investigative Agencies and Their Responsibilities You know about the FBI, the ATF and the VA, but do you know what they do? Most people can name the investigative alphabet, but very few understand the jurisdiction that these agencies have over the general public. Here are 10 federal agencies and their scopes of duty: […]

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How Simulated Courtroom Proceedings Help Criminal Justice Students

by kaliastrong January 31, 2013 Criminal Law

If you work toward a human services degree it is likely you will have a chance to try a hands-on approach for your chosen occupations. Would-be nurses and doctors go through clinical trials, future social workers volunteer in the community, and student teachers go into the classrooms to learn their trade. Simulated courtroom proceedings offer […]

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Crime Scene Investigation: Don’t Always Believe What You See on TV

by Khezia December 11, 2012 Criminal Law

If you’re a fan of crime and forensic dramas, you aren’t alone; millions of viewers tune in to shows like “CSI” and its spin-offs on a weekly basis. In fact, “NCIS” and “Criminal Minds” are both at the top of the Nielsen ratings each week. While these types of shows are entertaining, they have created […]

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3 Major Consequences of DUI–Ditch the Booze and Drive Sober!

by edralyn October 18, 2012 Accident Claims Law

Being convicted of DUI can be easier than you think. Even if you don’t feel drunk, there’s the chance that the cop who pulls you over will disagree. Here’s the good news: Being convicted of DUI is also easy to avoid! It’s as simple as finding yourself a designated driver or simply choosing not to […]

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Masters of Criminal Justice Specialization Tracks

by Sarah Rawson September 5, 2012 Criminal Law

When most people consider what a criminal justice degree covers, they often assume police work is involved. Other common assumptions include duties relating to corrections or probation. And it’s true; criminal justice is a common educational path to becoming a police officer, probation worker or in other areas related to corrections. However, criminal justice is […]

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